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How to recover missing YouTube Showcase video comments

This article provides step by step instruction on how to recover YouTube ShowCase Professional WordPress plugin video comments not getting displayed on the frontend but shows up on the backend video editor page.

To be able to follow the instructions, you must have access to your WordPress database using phpMyAdmin or a similar tool.

It is always a good practice to backup your database before you run any code on your database. You can always go back if you make a mistake.</p

  1. Login to your WordPress admin backend using your administrator account.
  2. Login to phpMyAdmin and select your WordPress database.
  3. While in phpMyAdmin, select wp_comments table.
  4. Click on "Inline" link and replace the query with the following SQL code:
    SELECT a.* FROM `wp_comments` a JOIN wp_posts b WHERE AND b.post_type="emd_video"

    If your WordPress database table prefix is different than "wp_", replace all instances of "wp_" on the code above with the correct prefix before running the query.

  5. Click on "Go" button and see the results in the list section. This query will return all the YouTube ShowCase video record related comments.
  6. Checking the results, look for some missing and/or inconsistent data. Take the comments which show up on the frontend as a base. For example, if "comment_type" column is empty for the one not getting displayed, double click on the empty cell and type in "video_comments".
  7. Check if those missing comments show up on the frontend as well.
  8. Repeat this process for the missing comments.

Please check out the attached image for visual instructions.

In case, the query at Step #4 does not display your missing comments, you have a more complex issue. Please contact our support for assistance.

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