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How to fix when event attendee initials not getting displayed on Event pages

WP Easy Events Pro WordPress plugin allows you to display event attendee initials on event pages as demonstrated on our live demo site:

Verify your event configuration

If you don't see attendee initials on an event page. It may be a configuration issue. We recommend you to check the following configuration options:

  1. Log in to WordPress as administrator.
  2. Make sure “Hide Attendee List” checkbox is unchecked in the event page you were referring to.
  3. Go to Event Settings > Settings >”Global” tab and verify “Use Avatars” checkbox is unchecked - if it is checked, WP Easy Events Pro does not display attendees not having any avatars set.

If you verified all the configuration is correct and you still cannot see the attendee initials on the front end. It may be because your attendee's "full name" field is empty.

To fix this issue for your future event registrations

  1. Log in to WordPress as administrator.
  2. Go to Event Settings > Forms
  3. Hover your mouse pointer over "Event Attendee" form
  4. Click on "Edit Layouts" quick link
  5. Drag and drop a form row into an empty space
  6. Drag and drop "Full name" field" into the empty row
  7. Click "Save" button

To fix this issue for your past event registrations

  1. Log in to WordPress as administrator.
  2. Go to "All Attendees"
  3. Look for empty "Full name" field
  4. Click on "Edit" quick link for each attendee having an empty "Full name" field
  5. Click "Save" button

Alternatively, you can modify all your past attendees in bulk by following the steps below:

  1. Click on "CSV Import/Export" button on the attendee list
  2. Click on Export tab
  3. Click on "Export All Attendees" button to export all your event attendees to a CSV file
  4. Import the CSV to Google Sheets or MS Excell
  5. Fill out all empty "Full name" fields
  6. Export the modified file to a CSV file
  7. While in the CSV Import/Export screen, click on "Import" tab and upload the CSV file
  8. Check "Update existing data based on unique field(s)." checkbox
  9. Click on "Import Now" button
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