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How to create video tags and categories for YouTube Videos

Using YouTube ShowCase video categories is a great way to organize your YouTube videos. You can use video categories based on the topics of your video content, solutions they provide, or any other label you want to use to group these videos together.

For example, you can use Video Categories to group your music videos based on genres such as Jazz, Techno, Electro, etc.

YouTube ShowCase video tags are another way to group your YouTube videos. Video tags are like terms or keywords. They help visitors find your video content. Each term may define a unique property of your video.

Using the music video example, you use the instruments as your video tags to label and group your YouTube videos.

The main difference between video categories and tags is that you can assign a YouTube video to at most one category. A YouTube video, on the other hand, can be assigned to multiple video tags. You can assign Video categories and tags to multiple YouTube videos.

How to assign your YouTube video to a video tag or category

  1. Login to WordPress dashboard as an administrator
  2. Click on Videos > Categories and add your Video Categories. Optionally, you can create and assign video categories later using your Video record editor
  3. Click on Videos > Tags and add your Video Tags. Optionally, you can create and assign terms later using your Video record editor
  4. Edit a video record by clicking on the video title link of a video
  5. While in the video editor, assign the video to a predefined category or click Add New Category link under Categories box to create a new one and assign.
  6. While in the video editor, assign the video to a tag by entering the term in the search box under Tags box and clicking on Add button.
  7. Click on Update or Publish to record your change
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