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How to activate or deactivate your license

Your license key is sent to you on your purchase receipt email.

Alternatively, follow the steps below to access your key and activate or deactivate your license:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Under Purchase History tab, find the product you purchased.
  3. Click "View Details and Downloads" link to download the plugin zip file.
  4. Upload the plugin zip file and activate your plugin.
  5. Go back to "Purchase History" tab.
  6. Click on "View Licenses" link under "License Keys" column.
  7. Click on "Key" button under "Key" column to view your license key.
  8. Copy your license key.
  9. Find plugin settings and Licenses page.
  10. Paste the license key you copied and your plugin's license box.
  11. Save.
  12. Click on "Activate License" button.
  13. If your license is valid, you will see "Green" bar with your license expiration date.
  14. Click "Deactivate License" button to deactivate your license.
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