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How can I use emd comments?

Emd comments is a commenting system which extends WordPress post comments. Not all our WordPress plugins come with EMD comments so check with your plugin's feature page to see if yours has it.

The user responses submitted through emd comments are displayed in their own menu page. They are not mixed with the WordPress post comments and the comments submitted for other content types included in your plugin.

This helps you better manage the responses submitted by users responding to different content types. Each content type may have its own comment page link under your plugin's menu. For example, in our Software Issue Manager Enterprise WordPress plugin, we have separate comment pages for issues, projects, and members.

Emd commenting system allows ability to:

  • accept private comments
  • sort comments by date
  • mark lastest comments
  • upload files or images
  • write rich text using a wysiwyg editor
  • share permalink of a comment
  • and some plugin specific functionality
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