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How can I localize plugin strings?

Check the localization section of your plugin documentation first to get specific instructions. The below are generic instructions for all our plugins.

Our plugins can be translated into any language by editing PLUGIN-NAME-emd-plugins.pot and PLUGIN-NAME.pot files.

  • PLUGIN-NAME-emd-plugins.pot file is for the components used.
  • PLUGIN-NAME.pot file is for the specific strings that need to be translated.

Follow the steps below to fully translate your plugin into the desired language:

  1. Copy PLUGIN-NAME-emd-plugins.pot as language specific .po file such as PLUGIN-NAME-emd-plugins-tr_TR.po.
  2. Copy PLUGIN-NAME.pot as language specific .po file such as PLUGIN-NAME-tr_TR.po.
  3. Use your favorite PO file editor and complete translation strings in the .po files you created.
  4. When translations are completed, create .mo file of each .po file.
  5. Create wp-content/languages/PLUGIN-NAME directory
  6. Put translated .mo files and .po files in the directory above to protect them from getting deleted during plugin updates.
  7. Change the language to the translated language from Settings > General > Site Language.
  8. Repeat the process until you get all strings translated.

If you prefer using a WordPress plugin for translation, we recommend Loco Translate. We are not affiliated with the plugin and do not provide any support on plugin usage.

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