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How can I display YouTube videos of a certain category?

To be able to display videos of a certain category, you should create a shortcode.

For example,

[video_gallery filter="tax::video_category::is::beyonce-knowles";]

The shortcode above displays "video gallery" view for the videos belonging to the video category with the slug of "beyonce-knowles". Remember the slug is the link not the name of the category. Please visit the page below to see the shortcode in action:

How to create Shortcodes in YouTube Showcase Pro

There are many views available in the Pro edition. For example;

[std_coverflow filter="tax::video_category::is::beyonce-knowles;"]

The shortcode above displays the same category using coverflow view.

You do not need to create shortcodes manually. You can create shortcodes of any complexity using video shortcode builder button. Please watch the video in the page below to learn how we created the shortcode above:

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