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How can I change field names in plugins?

Labels and messages can be customized to better match your needs through language files. The customization is very similar to localization but recommended for US English users only. If your language is different than US English, you should localize instead of customize. The customization can be done for the strings included in PLUGIN-NAME-emd-plugins.pot and PLUGIN-NAME.pot files.

The following steps cover the string customization of labels and messages.

  • PLUGIN-NAME-emd-plugins.pot file is for the translatable strings of components used in PLUGIN-LABEL.

  • PLUGIN-NAME.pot file is for the PLUGIN-LABEL specific strings that need to be translated.

Follow the steps below to fully customize PLUGIN-LABEL labels and messages:

  1. Copy PLUGIN-NAME-emd-plugins.pot as language specific .po file such as PLUGIN-NAME-emd-plugins-en_US.po.

  2. Copy PLUGIN-NAME.pot as language specific .po file such as PLUGIN-NAME-en_US.po.

  3. Use your favorite PO file editor or plugin and complete customization of strings in the .po files you created.

  4. When customization are completed, create .mo file of each .po file.

  5. Create wp-content/languages/PLUGIN-NAME directory.

  6. Put customized .mo files and .po files in the directory above to protect them from getting deleted during plugin updates.

  7. Repeat the process until you get all strings customized. If you do not need a string to be customizes, leave it as it is.

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