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Are customization questions covered in Free support?

Any change not included in out-of-the-box look & feel and functionality of our plugins are defined as customization. For example, the following are examples of customization:

  • I want to change the color of borders around the photos

  • I want to hide Tab or Accordion A in single record page

  • I want to remove Box A in admin

  • I want to change the label of Field A in one of the forms

  • I want to add a chart

  • I want to change the grid size or page layout

Customization is not covered by Free Support. If you need to customize our plugins, we provide more details on customization page. Another resource to look for is the plugin's demo site where we offer customization tips, mini tutorials and answer FAQ type questions.

Most customization issues can be resolved by changing or adding CSS rules to your theme's style.css file. If you're a developer and not familiar with how to modify and write CSS rules, check out the primers on CSS or better yet google it.

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