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* Initial support is free for the first year starting from the purchase date. After the initial period expired, you need to purchase priority support or renew your license to continue getting technical support. You can upgrade to priority support anytime.

Our business hours cover Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM US Eastern, excluding major US holidays. All support requests are accepted through our support site.

Yearly priority support plan is discounted (save %15.8) and offered on yearly subscription basis. You can cancel your subscription any time but please keep in mind that we do not offer refunds (pro-rated or otherwise) on yearly priority support plan unless you submit a cancellation request on the day your account is set to renew and it gets charged anyway.


WordPress Web App Services

We offer globally unique development services for WordPress based business apps. What’s our secret sauce?

— We use WP App Studio Professional WordPress Platform (WPAS) to develop, customize and maintain our products. WPAS based apps are designed by humans and implemented by a collection of development servers which produce continuously improved, standards-compliant, production ready code every single time.

  • Lightspeed Time to Market: Using WPAS platform allows us to finish project significantly faster than traditional development service organizations that are dependent on manual production of app code.
  • More features: Most modern plugin features are auto-generated by the platform, once a feature is developed, it can be used by every WPAS plugin. In most cases, you get new features without investing more from your budget.
  • Less defects: WPAS platform generated plugins are used by tens of thousands users around the world and very well tested. In most cases, defects are found and fixed before even you know they existed.
  • Continuously improved code base: WPAS platform code is continuously improved by team WordPress expert developers, completely eliminating developer availability, skillset or coding style related issues.
  • Design first approach to development:WPAS generated code base is 100% traceable to the plugin design hence to your own requirements – one of the key indicators of software quality. Nothing more, nothing less.

Do you want to start up a new project or need customization/maintenance of one of our products?

Let’s get started

For more information, go to WordPress App Services page