WP Ticket WooCommerce Extension
WordPress Plugin
Integrates WooCommerce to WP Ticket family support ticket management systems
  • Improve customer satisfaction by allowing effective and efficient access to support system
  • Improve customer communication by providing ticket resolution history
  • Minimize support costs by getting insight on support resource usage per product
  • Minimize support data entry issues by providing uniform interface
  • Improve shop products or services by owning and controlling customer request data
  • Minimize support costs by optionally serving only customers
  • Easy and cost effective way to integrate a best in class support system to your shop
Allow WooCommerce customers to open tickets anywhere anytime
  • Auto-fill customer orders when customer is logged in
  • Display products included in an order to allow customer to open a ticket for a specific product
  • Allow opening tickets on products not connected to orders such as pre-sale questions
  • Tickets can be linked to orders and/or products in ticket edit or WooCommerce order edit screen
  • WooCommerce page under WP Tickets settings menu allows customization of triggering terms for customer orders or pre-sale questions
Search through tickets connected to orders or products
  • Allows customers to search tickets connected to orders or products in frontend
  • Allow shop managers to search through tickets in the admin area
    • Create and save dynamic filters to track changes based on predefined criteria overtime
    • Sort, change display order and/or display or hide columns
    • Export all or selected records to CSV or PDF files
    • Operations screen allows admins to import/export or reset functionality for ticket orders or products
Integrate tickets with my accounts

Allows customers to open a new and view the existing tickets in WooCommerce My Accounts page.

  • Creates a "Open Ticket" button in Recent Orders table. The button label can be changed in Plugin settings page
  • Display customer's recent tickets in a data grid; providing ability to search, sort, export all or selected tickets
Allow customers to view orders and/or products connected to tickets

Responsive ticket page shows order and/or products connected, allowing customers to search, export all or selected records anywhere anytime

Get insight on your products (WP Ticket Pro or Enterprise only)

Enables 3 WooCommerce product related charts which can be displayed on a page or WP Ticket Dashboard when using WP Ticket Pro or Enterprise editions :

  • Tickets count by product by priority: See how many tickets have been opened on which products and how they were rated by the staff
  • Tickets count by product by status: See how many tickets created by product and their resolution status
  • Tickets count by product by created date last 4 weeks: see the number of tickets opened on which products recently- handy feature for detecting issues related to recent event such as releases, version changes etc.
AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2016-04-20
Last Updated2016-08-26
Misc. fixes and improvements
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