WP Easy Events Professional
WordPress Plugin
All-in-one, simple and beautiful event management and ticketing system for successful events
  • Create beautiful, customized event registration pages and ticketing experience for successful events
  • Create and manage venues, organizers, performers and attendees
  • Promote events and engage attendees using integrated powerful social media sharing and rating system
  • Collect payments online using WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads ecommerce plugins or simply process registrations
  • Fully responsive interface that matches your brand perfectly
  • Advanced custom reporting and real-time analytics to get the insights you need to increase attendance
WP Easy Events WordPress plugin offers fully featured event registration and ticketing system that allows promotion, management and hosting of successful events all in one package.

Increase attendance with powerful event pages

  • Create unlimited responsive event pages that stand out
  • Create and display related upcoming events on event pages. Related events section turn into a slider after 3 event connection
  • Events can be hosted under multiple organizers or hosts
  • Events can have multiple performers
  • Highlight and connect one to many event performers
  • Allow users to save event info to iCal or Google calendar with a click
  • Display all, featured, expired, ongoing and upcoming events with a powerful, customizable grid
  • Display all, featured, ongoing and upcoming events with a powerful, customizable sidebar widgets

Present and manage venues effectively

  • Create unlimited number of responsive venue pages
  • Each venue has it own fully customizable page
  • Let users know what's on schedule by displaying upcoming venue events
  • Venue grid display all venues or venues of a specific location or tag
  • Powerful customizable venue image slider to display multiple images
  • Customizable venue map with optional link to more detailed google map page
  • Allow user purchase or register events in venue pages.

Hosts events under several different organisers

  • Create unlimited number of organizers
  • Each organizer has its own responsive page displaying related upcoming events
  • Powerful, customizable organizer image slider to display multiple images if needed
  • Display all or a segment of organizers with powerful responsive grid
  • Allow user purchase or register events in organizer pages.

Highlight and manage event performers

  • Create and display unlimited numbers of performers in their own responsive pages
  • Display multiple performer images with fully customizable, powerful responsive slider
  • Display performer's upcoming events on his or her page
  • Display all or a segment of performers using responsive grid
  • Allow users purchase or register to performer events in performer's page
  • Performers can be connected to multiple events any given time

Advanced attendee management

  • Send fully customized notifications to attendees after successful registration
  • Display or hide attendees on event pages
  • Display attendee initials or photo from gravatar.com
  • List, export all or selected attendees for all events or segment of events using attendee data grid
  • Bulk import attendees to events using CSV.
  • Manually create attendees and assign to events
  • Keep attendees posted through customized email when event is cancelled or rescheduled
  • Only users belonging to Admins, Event Managers and Event Staff roles can check in attendees
  • Easily check in attendees using;
    • Scanning QR code with any QR code reader
    • Manually editing attendee info
    • Bulk updating event attendees for large groups
  • Automatic checks against duplicate check-ins, invalid ticket ids and unauthorized staff

Support multiple event registration types

Get insight through system wide dashboard in real time

Analyze in real time how successful your events are performing through customizable system wide dashboard with 6 chart:

  • Event Registrations By Date Last 4 Weeks -Includes all registration types
  • Events By Registration Type
  • Events By Category
  • Organizers By Category
  • Performers By Category
  • Venues By Category

Integrated rating system with log management

  • Fully featured optional rating system for events, organizers, performers or venues
  • Supports accepting ratings from logged-in users, visitors or both
  • Stores user logs which can be accessed by administrators.
  • Rating records can imported, exported or reset by administrators
  • Allows "star", "like" or "thumbs" rating modes
  • Allows customization of rating stats area using rating tags
  • Allows customization of rating area using rating tags
  • Allows to filter and search user ratings using multiple criteria and more
  • Allows to hide or disable rating
  • Features user rating integrity protection through IP, cookie or both
 WordPress plugin - WP Easy EventsCreate And Display Specific Content Segments Easily

Create and display specific content segments easily

Visual Shortcode Builder is the ultimate shortcode builder which can help you create simple to advanced shortcodes easily.

You can display all or segment of your events, organizers, venues, performers or attendees using any available view. For example you can create and display a segment of upcoming/expired/ongoing/featured events by location, by host, and by venue.

Create and display unlimited custom fields

Create and display unlimited number of custom fields to extend your event, organizer, performer, venue data easily.

Custom fields can be updated or deleted per record basis.

Customize plugin pages easily

  • Designed to minimize theme related conflicts
  • Switch between two distinct templating systems matching your need from plugin settings
  • Create default plugin pages with easy to use setup assistant
  • Enable or disable any field, taxonomy or relationship from backend and/or frontend including frontend entry and search forms
  • Comes with EMD Widget area where you can display your sidebar widgets in plugin pages
  • Set plugin page templates to sidebar on left, sidebar on right or full-width without modifying your theme's template files
  • Set the base slug for events, organizers, venues and/or performers
  • Enable/disable page navigation in archive/taxonomy pages
  • Many useful admin tools for improving page load performance, cleaner output and smooth maintenance of your site

Sell event tickets using WooCommerce

This extension is sold separately

Sell event tickets using WooCommerce AJAX shopping cart supporting single and/or variable priced tickets and more

Sell event tickets using Easy Digital Downloads

This extension is sold separately

Sell event tickets using Easy Digital Download shopping cart supporting single and/or variable priced tickets and more

Full documentation

Extensive documentation on the functionality of WP Easy Events Professional is accessible online. In addition, a glossary of terms, concepts, relationships is included in the "Glossary" tab of app settings in the admin area for further clarification. Click for WP Easy Events Professional Documentation.

Bring your own theme

WP Easy Events Professional WordPress plugin is theme agnostic. Most well-written WordPress themes can be used without making any modifications.

Translate to your own language

WP Easy Events Professional WordPress plugin can be translated into any language by using your favorite .po file editor. Click for WP Easy Events Professional Documentation.

AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2016-10-18
Last Updated2017-04-27
FIXED Some of event attributes not getting saved or updated
TWEAK Improved page loading in the admin area
FIXED the order of Venues and content in event page, moving the venue section below event content
FIXED Event images not displaying on tickets
NEW Ability to send tickets to attendees by entering in the admin area or in bulk using CSV import/export component
FIXED organizer, venue and performer rating menu not showing
NEW getting started page to offer tips and more
TWEAK made slider controls larger
FIXED section subbody text not properly displayed issue
NEW Added ability to use EMD or theme templating system
NEW Ability to set page template for event, venue, organizer pages. Options are sidebar on left, sidebar on right or full width
NEW EMD Widget area to include sidebar widgets in plugin pages
NEW Ability enable/disable any field and taxonomy from backend and/or frontend
NEW Ability to add custom CSS in plugin\'s frontend pages
NEW Ability to limit event forms to logged-in users only from plugin settings.
FIXED Timezone label not being displayed properly issue and made timezones searchable in the admin area
Fixed Venue event tag views not displayed correctly
Initial release