WP Easy Contact Professional
WordPress Plugin
Provides easy to use contact management solution with extensive custom reporting capabilities.
  • Manage all contact information and communication activities in a centralized location
  • Create, track, and report on tasks related to your contacts
  • Customizable contact form with map and social link blocks
  • Search through contacts with advanced static and dynamic filters
  • Create advanced exportable reports and contact segments
  • All device friendly, bring-your-own-theme interface
  • Ability create contacts through emails (extension sold separately)

Complete Contact Management

  • Create unlimited contacts
  • Create custom powerful contacts reports
    • Find contact living in certain zipcodes, cities, or countries
    • List of contacts matching one to many tags
    • List of contacts who communicated on one to many topics
    • List of contacts linked to one to many tasks
    • A contact matching a phone number, IP address, mailing address etc.
  • Contacts can be assigned to many tasks. Tasks can be assigned to many contacts
  • Admins can bulk import/update/export contacts from/to CSV files.
  • Advanced list management made easy
    • Enable or disable fields in the admin contact list screen
    • Combine multiple criteria together into one filter
    • Save filters to create dynamic filters. You can use this feature to tract different contact segments
    • Ability to sort and change display order of contact fields
    • Export all or a segment of contacts to CSV or PDF files
  • Categorize contacts on custom tags, topics, country or state.
 WordPress plugin - WP Easy ContactGet Insight On Contacts

Get insight on contacts

Plugin dashboard includes 4 charts providing insight. The same charts can be displayed on a page using shortcodes as well.

  • Contacts by topics by created date last 4 weeks; see if there is increase in number of contacts in certain topics recently
  • Contacts by country; a pie chart of number of contacts by country
  • Contacts by states; a pie chart of number of contacts by states
  • Contacts by topics; a pie chart of number of contacts by topics
  • Display recent completed tasks on App dashboard
  • Display recent contacts on App dashboard

Easily Manage Contact Tasks

  • Create unlimited contact tasks
  • Create custom task reports. Exp;
    • Completed vs In progress tasks
    • List of tasks due this week
    • Critical tasks which are still in progress
  • Tasks can be shared by many contacts
  • Import tasks from CSV files
  • Export all or a segment of tasks to CSV or PDF files
  • Enable or disable task fields in the admin contact list screen
  • Ability to sort task fields
  • Set due date, complete status, and priority for each task

Customizable Responsive Contact Form

  • Contact form can be used stand-alone without contact map or social blocks
  • Create your own design using one or more form components
  • Enable or disable form fields
  • Make form fields required or optional
  • Change form fields column sizes
  • Set form title to any title text
  • Collapsible Terms and Conditions link with customizable content
  • Comes with Twitter Bootstrap components which degrades to HTML when user browser does not support JavaScript
  • Create unlimited contacts from any device, any time
 WordPress plugin - WP Easy ContactCreate And Display Custom Fields

Create and display custom fields

  • Create custom fields to extend your contact or task data
  • Custom fields can be used in contact form(disabled by default)
  • Update or delete custom fields per contact record basis
  • Unlimited number of custom fields can be created

Customizable Contact Map and Social Blocks

  • Use Contact map as stand alone or as a component of the integrated contact form
  • Use Social Block as stand alone or as a component of the integrated contact form
  • Social block supports 9 major networks.
  • Enable or disable map marker
  • Customizable map infobox content with HTML markup.
  • Enable or disable map infobox on page load. When disabled users need to click to see the content
  • Adjust width or height of the map. By default it adjusts to the container dimensions
  • Adjust initial zoom level
  • Set marker title on hover
  • Set map type to be displayed;Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid, or Terrain
 WordPress plugin - WP Easy ContactOptional Contact Notifications

Optional Contact Notifications

  • Enable or disable auto responder when a contact submits a form entry
  • Enable or disable admin notification for new contacts from front and backend
  • Ability to customize notification emails with attributes(built-in, custom, and global), taxonomies, and relationships
  • Ability to set CC, BCC, and Reply to fields for notification emails
 WordPress plugin - WP Easy ContactCreate Contacts From Incoming Emails
Configuration is included to support this extension - sold separately

Create contacts from incoming emails

  • Deleting emails after creating contact records
  • Setting maximum number of emails to post: a handy feature exp; if you want to accept specific number of contacts.
  • Protection against spam or unauthorized contact creation using email pins, authorized addresses, and banned file names.
  • Allowing visitors(users who do not have publish capability) to create contacts via email
  • Setting default subject for email without any subject line.

  • Setting separate contact post statuses for users and visitors.
  • Using shortcodes to categorize emails or to set values.

Email processing activity history is recorded for processing errors or validations.

 WordPress plugin - WP Easy ContactImport/Export/Reset From Csv

Import/Export/Reset from CSV

Administrators can bulk import, export existing contacts, tasks and contact-task relationships records from/to CSV files. Google Spreadsheet CSV exports are supported.

In addition, admins can reset all records and start over again.

Full documentation

Extensive documentation on the functionality of WP Easy Contact Professional is accessible online. In addition, a glossary of terms, concepts, relationships is included in the "Glossary" tab of app settings in the admin area for further clarification. Click for WP Easy Contact Professional Documentation.

Bring your own theme

WP Easy Contact Professional WordPress plugin is theme agnostic. Most well-written WordPress themes can be used without making any modifications.

Translate to your own language

WP Easy Contact Professional WordPress plugin can be translated into any language by using your favorite .po file editor. Click for WP Easy Contact Professional Documentation.

AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2015-06-25
Last Updated2016-05-19
NEW Added ability to create and display custom fields
NEW Added Contact dashboard
NEW Added contact by state, topic, country charts to the plugin dashboard and as a shortcode to display in frontend
Misc. bug fixes and improvements
WordPress 4.4 related fixes
Misc platform library updates
WordPress 4.3 related fixes
Initial release
Feature Community Pro Enterprise
Customizable contact form
Easily customize your form from plugin settings
Responsive mobile friendly contact form
Works and displays beautifully on desktops, tablets and phones
Categorize and tag contacts
Categorize contact on custom tags, topics, country and state
Store unlimited contacts
View all your contact in one central location to streamline your workflow
Powerful contact task management
Track your work and close deals with poweful task management
Connect contacts to contacts
Create contact relationships including type, start/end dates and definitions
Advanced contact list management
Filter, sort and dynamically track contacts based on custom criteria
Get insight on contacts
Contact dashboard with 4 charts to profile your contacts
Contact form with map
Fully customizable location map
Concact form with social block
Social block supports 9 major networks
Contact form with advanced components
Bootsrap based components with advanced search
Instant notification to adminitrator user
Respond to contacts quickly with fully customizable notifications
Instant notification to contact
Notify contacts instantly upon form submission with fully customizable emails
Contact manager user role
WordPress user role design to manage contacts
Import/export/update contacts from/to CSV
Link your contacts from/to external systems such CRM using CSV files
Customizable terms and conditions field
Option to ask contact's aggrement TOC before accepting submission
File uploads
Allow contacts to upload files and media with their form submission
AJAX form submission
Fast form submissions without additional page loads
eMD MailChimp add-on support
Grow your MailChimp email list with advanced features
eMD Incoming email add-on support
Convert incoming emails to contacts