Software Issue Manager Professional
WordPress Plugin
Provides an effective and efficient issue and project management solution for small development teams.
  • Enable effective and efficient collaboration on issue resolutions.
  • Assign responsibility and monitor progress from start to finish.
  • Define, categorize, tag and relate issues, projects, and members.
  • Deliver quick and easy access to the information needed.
  • Deliver insight with built-in detailed reports.

Get real-time insight using system wide dashboard

Get a real-time, system-wide view of how quickly and efficiently issues are resolved. You can drag and drop or disable widgets to customize your dashboard.

Alternatively, custom dashboards can be created on any page using shortcodes.

The following charts are included;

  • Issue Counts by Priority
  • Issue Counts By Assignee
  • Issue Counts By Status
  • Issue Counts By Category
  • Issue Counts By Project

Create issues, members, and projects

Create issue, project, or member records from admin backend or front-end forms any where any time.

Advanced search with optional dynamic filtering

Search Issue, Project, or Member records from the admin area or using front-end search form.

Reorganize your admin lists; sort, enable, disable columns. You can also save your popular searches and reuse them to see the changes in the results over time.

See what impacts most and why

Access to essential information faster using contextually colored panels in member, project, issue archive pages in the front-end and admin area.

Software Issue Manager Pro WordPress Plugin offers project issue grid which can be used to summarize project issues. All or segment of project issues can be displayed in any page using shortcodes.

Create and display custom fields

  • Create and display custom fields to extend your issues, members and projects data
  • Issue, member and project custom field values can be updated or deleted by users
  • Unlimited number of custom fields can be created
  • Issue, member and project custom fields can be used in search or submit forms when enabled by the site administrators
  • Custom fields are by default displayed at the details tab of issue, member or project pages

Keep everyone posted with fully customizable emails

  • Notify members when issues created, changed, or deleted by sending fully customized emails
  • Ability to send emails from different addresses or names per notification event
  • Emails can be sent to only certain segments. For example, you can choose to send email to the issue assignee not the participants when an issue get updated
  • Disable any notification when not needed

 WordPress plugin - Software Issue ManagerAccept Project Issues From Emails
Configuration is included to support this extension - sold separately

Accept project issues from emails

  • Deleting emails after creating issues
  • Setting maximum number of emails to post: a handy feature exp; if you want to accept specific number of issues.
  • Protection against spam or unauthorized issue creation using email pins, authorized addresses, and banned file names.
  • Allowing visitors(users who do not have publish capability) to create issues via email
  • Setting default subject for email without any subject line.

  • Setting separate issue post statuses for users and visitors.
  • Using shortcodes to categorize emails or to set values.

Email processing activity history is recorded for processing errors or validations.

Create custom reports matching your needs

  • Create and publish your custom reports using Visual Shortcode Builder.
  • Use Analytics module to do calculations such as counts, averages etc.
  • Can be used in any page by clicking on WPAS button.
  • Use multiple filters to match the content to be displayed
  • The report content is adjusted based on the user roles. For example; managers see more records than team members.

Provide role based content access

Manager and client custom user roles are provided to limit access to content on a need-to-know basis.

Managers can access to all. Clients can only view their own or manager-assigned project data.

Effective and efficient collaboration

SIM Pro includes custom commenting system which allows creating of private comments. Comments are not mixed with WordPress post or page comments and accessed through its own menu.

Custom commenting also color flags responses based the user's role hence visually allowing to see who commented last to better locate issues or projects which need action from your side.

Full customization from plugin settings

  • Designed to minimize theme related conflicts
  • Enable or disable any field, taxonomy or relationship from backend and/or frontend including frontend entry and search forms
  • Limit access to frontend entry and search forms to logged-in users only or open them to everyone. Display login and/registration on demand
  • Comes with EMD Widget area where you can display your sidebar widgets in plugin pages
  • Set plugin page templates to sidebar on left, sidebar on right or full-width without modifying your theme's template files
  • Set the base slug for issues, projects and/or members
  • Enable/disable page navigation in archive/taxonomy pages
  • Many useful admin tools for improving page load performance and cleaner output

Full documentation

Extensive documentation on the functionality of Software Issue Manager Professional is accessible online. In addition, a glossary of terms, concepts, relationships is included in the "Glossary" tab of app settings in the admin area for further clarification. Click for Software Issue Manager Professional Documentation.

Bring your own theme

Software Issue Manager Professional WordPress plugin is theme agnostic. Most well-written WordPress themes can be used without making any modifications.

Translate to your own language

Software Issue Manager Professional WordPress plugin can be translated into any language by using your favorite .po file editor. Click for Software Issue Manager Professional Documentation.

AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2014-10-30
Last Updated2017-01-21
TWEAK issues can be reported by multiple members
NEW Added configuration for Easy Digital Downloads Software Issue Manager extension
NEW Added configuration for WooCommerce Software Issue Manager extension
NEW Added reported by relationship
NEW Consolidated issues and projects under projects menu
NEW Ability to set page templates for issue and project single pages. Options are sidebar on left, sidebar on right or full width
NEW EMD Widget area to include sidebar widgets in plugin pages
NEW Ability enable/disable any field, taxonomy and relationship from backend and/or frontend
NEW Ability to add custom CSS in plugin\'s frontend pages
NEW Ability to limit Issue search and entry forms to logged-in users only from plugin settings.
NEW Added ability to permanently delete plugin related data from plugin settings
NEW Added ability to recreate installation pages from plugin settings
Misc. bug fixes and improvements
NEW Added ability to search public members
NEW Added ability to add custom fields to Projects
NEW Added ability to add custom fields to Members
NEW Added ability to add custom fields to Issues
Misc bug fixes and improvements
WordPress 4.5.2 compatibility
NEW Added ability export, search, and sort issues attributes in project issue list
Fixed public form page titles
Fixed minor bugs and upgraded the libraries
NEW Added ability to convert private issues, projects, and members to public; available for project manager role
NEW Added public issue and project submit forms
NEW Added ability to set author of issues, projects, and members; available for project manager role
NEW Converted issue list view page navigation to AJAX.
NEW Added import/export relationships from/to csv files
Fixed minor bugs and upgraded the libraries
Fixed WordPress 4.4 version related issues
Fixed WordPress 4.3 version related issues
Fixed notifications for issue entry
Fixed coloring for issue status and priorities
Updated entity links in notification emails to redirect to page directly if user is already logged in
NEW Added comment tag to notification email templates so that comment history can be sent to assignee and participants
NEW Ability to enable or disable required fields in the frontend forms
Fixed the issue related to some taxonomies not displaying in the admin backend
Fixed the issue on not being able to filter multiple relationships in the admin backend
Added settings page for form customization such as enable/disable fields, captcha and change field sizes
Made some fields optional so that they can be disabled
Fixed some minor bugs to improve stability
Fixed misc issue related to filtering in the backend
NEW Added a Project Issues page which can be customized with Visual Shortcode Builder
Fixed attributes which are not enabled for translation in some views
Fixed file upload issue with files names including spaces
Fixed misc. defects
Fixed navigation paging issue in standard views.
Added ability to use WPAS Incoming extension
Fixed BuddyPress Docs conflict
Fixed App Dashboard permissions
Fixed PHP Strict Standards Errors which became part of the E_ALL since PHP 5.4
Fixed a defect in date input fields
Fixed misc. minor defects
Initial release