Software Issue Manager Easy Digital Downloads Extension
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Integrates Easy Digital Downloads with Software Issue Manager family products
  • Track and manage issues related to Easy Digital Downloads products
  • Better manage project milestones and impact of issues on product ecosystem
  • Offer ability to search issues by product
  • Offer easy to use interface for connecting issues to products
Create and track Product issues effectively

Connect issues to EDD products from product edit page, issue edit page or using the front end issue entry form.

Display connected products on issue pages

Related products section is displayed when the extension is activated and issues are linked to one to many products

Search through issues by products

Product issues can be searched from frontend issue search form or backend advanced filters search form.

Get insight on your products (SIM Pro and Enterprise only)

Enables 4 Easy Digital Downloads product related charts which can be displayed on a page or Software Issue Manager Dashboard when using Software Issue Manager Pro or Enterprise editions :

  • Issue count by product by priority: See how many Issues have been opened on which products and how they were rated by the staff
  • Issue count by product by category: See how many Issues have been opened on which products and on which categories such as bugs, improvements, tasks etc.
  • Issue count by product by status: See how many Issues created by product and their resolution status
  • Issue count by product by created date last 4 weeks: see the number of Issues opened on which products recently- handy feature for detecting issues related to recent events such as releases, version changes etc.
AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2016-06-13
Last Updated2016-06-13
Initial Release