Knowledge Center Professional
WordPress Plugin
Provides an easy to use and access, responsive, centralized repository of knowledge base entries
  • Create self-service community improving internal and external communication
  • Intuitive and responsive interface accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Group, tag, contextually color content to provide meaning and association
  • Allow predictive search of knowledge base entries with optional advanced mode
  • Centralized location for all product and service information

Enable customers to find information faster

  • Create knowledge base entries easily and display using:
  • Use contextual colors to highlight entry headers to draw attention or to group similar content. Available colors are:
    • Default
    • Primary
    • Success
    • Info
    • Danger
    • Warning
  • Set initial state of an entry to focus user attention. For example, you can set the initial state to "show content" to highlight import FAQs
  • Relate entries through direct connection, repository wide grouping and tagging terms.
  • Each knowledgebase entry resides in its own page.
  • Prioritize display of entries by drag and drop sorting.
  • Maintain and control different knowledge base entry revisions.
  • Allow entry to have a featured image which is displayed on the left side of knowledge base entry text when set

Create custom entry groupings

  • Pick and choose from entries using groups, tags, attributes and more to create groupings
  • Collapse view gives quick user access to entry content
  • Multiple shortcodes can be put in a single page
 WordPress plugin - Knowledge CenterSearch And Analyze Knowledgebase Entries

Search and Analyze Knowledgebase Entries

  • Search through knowledgebase entries and get insight on number of entries created per group or tag.
  • Create dynamic filters to see the progress of certain groups or tags overtime.
  • Change column or hide unwanted columns using drag-and-drop interface
  • Export selected entries to PDF or CSV files
 WordPress plugin - Knowledge CenterEasily Import Existing Entries

Easily import existing entries

Administrators can import or export existing entries from or to CSV files.

In addition, you can reset your entry data and start over again without touching your database. Click "Operations" button in the panel list screen after logging in as an admin user to access this feature.

Allow users to rate the panel content

  • Supports accepting ratings from logged-in users, visitors or both
  • Allows users to rate Panels
  • Stores user logs. The logs can be accessed by administrators. Panel Rating records can imported, exported or reset by following the instructions in operations screen. Operations screen can be accessed by administrators by clicking on operation button in Panel list.
  • Allows "star", "like" or "thumbs" rating modes
  • Allows customization of rating stats area using rating tags
  • Allows customization of rating area using rating tags
  • Allows to filter and search user ratings using multiple criteria and more
  • Allows to hide or disable rating
  • Features user rating integrity protection through IP, cookie or both

Customize it away without modifying theme files

  • Set location of EMD Sidebar; full width, left sidebar, right sidebar
  • Set slug for panel archives and taxonomy pages
  • Change related panel title
  • Perform admin related functions such as switching templating systems, adding custom CSS and more

Full documentation

Extensive documentation on the functionality of Knowledge Center Professional is accessible online. In addition, a glossary of terms, concepts, relationships is included in the "Glossary" tab of app settings in the admin area for further clarification. Click for Knowledge Center Professional Documentation.

Bring your own theme

Knowledge Center Professional WordPress plugin is theme agnostic. Most well-written WordPress themes can be used without making any modifications.

Translate to your own language

Knowledge Center Professional WordPress plugin can be translated into any language by using your favorite .po file editor. Click for Knowledge Center Professional Documentation.

AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2016-01-02
Last Updated2017-03-13
FIX Related panels are not showing in single panel pages after settings are saved
FIX Disable panel collapse not working issue
FIX Search results does not display contextual colors
TWEAK Added styling to KC tags and group values
NEW Added no collapse feature to panels
TWEAK Where there is no panel featured image, the content takes the full space for archive, taxonomy and single views
TWEAK Included featured image all views
TWEAK Improved page load performance by reducing file size for JS and CSS files in views
FIX Sidebar widget panels are not showing contextual coloring in their background
FIX Panel featured images is not displayed properly in single, archive and taxonomy pages
NEW Added ability to set panel author in the panel edit screen
NEW Added related panel block on panel pages
FIX taxonomy pages does not displaying properly when clicked on panel page
FIX taxonomy archive pages does not displaying properly
NEW Added Featured image to panels. If there is no image, the panel content will be displayed
NEW Added templating system where you change the location of EMD Widget or completely remove it.
NEW Added EMD Widget area where you can add your sidebar widgets in the plugin pages
NEW custom Css section in plugin settings
TWEAK coding for improved performance
Added ability to use panel color for featured panels widget items
Added ability to use panel color for recent panels widget items
Misc. minor fixes and library updates
NEW Added ability allow users to rate panels
Initial release