Knowledge Center Enterprise
WordPress Plugin
All-in-one, powerful enterprise knowledge management system offering simple and convenient ways for users to access knowledge
  • Allow users search all knowledgebase content of different types from one central location
  • Create self-service community improving internal and external communication
  • Retain readers with content-first and easy to find information
  • Group, tag, contextually color content to provide meaning and association
  • Allow social sharing and rating of content to spread the word and promote interaction
  • Relate knowledge base content such as images, audios, tweets, slides, videos, terms, and articles to promote content collection
  • Reduce customer support cost and redundant effort

Faster access to solutions when customers need them

  • Create beautiful content knowledge base articles linking term definitions, FAQs, videos, tweets, images or any files to your articles
  • Display images within content or create image galleries complete with integrated lightbox
  • Offer visitors ability to share articles on major social networks
  • Relate articles through grouping and tagging or directly connecting articles to each other
  • Track and compare different revisions of articles
  • Drag and drop article order and/or set selected articles as featured
  • Contextually color article teasers to enhance associations or highlight content
  • Fully customizable article author box supporting major social network links, website and spam-protected email

Effective user engagement and content discovery with article views

In addition to articles being displayed in their own page, multiple article views are available. All knowledge base article views support contextual coloring to offer your audience visual meaning and association.

  • Article Galleries: Retain users through efficient presentation of repository articles through article gallery views supporting infinite scroll or paged navigation
    • Pinterest style responsive gallery layout with AJAX navigation optimized for page load performance and SEO
    • Infinite scrolling offers an efficient way to browse through knowledge base articles without having to wait for pages to preload
    • Users can filter knowledge base articles by knowledge center tags or groups
    • Gallery grid size can be adjusted
  • Article Column View: Group and showcase article summaries with responsive article column view with AJAX page navigation.
  • Article Taxonomy and Archive views

Predictive omnisearch for faster and easier access to information

  • Allow users search articles, embeds, panels, documents in one central location easily
  • Provide search predictions to users as they type search terms
  • Use it as a stand-alone component or with others using shortcodes
  • Provide ability to limit search predictions to certain groups and tags
  • Provide contextually colored results for better information consumption

Organize knowledge for success

Short knowledge base entries such as term definitions, FAQs, Troubleshooting, Step-Set (How To) are displayed in panel format making them easier to navigate and understand.

Each panel has its own view. In addition, panels can be displayed as listgroup, collapsible or unformated views.

You can use contextual colors to highlight panel headers to draw attention or to group similar content using listgroup and collapsible views. Panels can set as featured and their display order can be set using drag and drop method.

Using the collapsible view, you can:

  • Set initial state of a panel as open, closed or disable collapsing to focus user attention
  • Relate panels through repository wide grouping and tagging terms.
  • Display related articles with grid or carousel layouts
  • Track and compare different revisions of panels

The listgroup view groups panel titles with AJAX page navigation. Clicking on panel titles leads to individual panel pages for more detail.

Integrate a wide variety of sources to provide insight or to retain user attention

  • Create article image galleries with lightbox support
  • Create embed galleries with links to embed pages
  • Provide related file attachments
  • Relate embeds to articles directly and/or other media through repository wide grouping or tagging
  • Drag and drop embed display order and/or set selected embeds as featured

Group and display selected articles using Documenter

Documenter is a knowledge center enterprise component which displays connected knowledgebase articles in a one-page layout.

  • Great for user guides, white papers, on-line help, quick-reference guides and more
  • Easily set the order of connected articles using drag and drop method
  • Scrollspy on the left navigation bar highlights the article title in the viewport.
  • Can be shared in multiple networks and rated by users.
  • User ratings can be filtered, imported/exported from/to CSV
  • Allows client side searching of entries highlighting the search terms in document content
  • Optional header and footer areas can be used for introductions, conclusions or more

Engage your audience through rich media embeds

  • Easily embed videos, images, tweets, audio, and other content
  • Set and display a local or remote embed poster image links to the corresponding embed pages
  • Display all or set of embeds using slider or grid view
  • Display featured or recent embeds in your site's sidebar
  • Display related embeds in article pages
  • Display related articles in embed pages
  • Easily tag/categorize embeds and display unique segments using Visual Shortcode Builder
  • AJAX page navigation is provided to avoid loading of long lists

Integrated knowledge base user rating system

  • Most advanced and fully featured, optional rating system supporting logged-in users, visitors or both
  • Allows users to rate articles
  • Allows users to rate term definitions, FAQs, short content
  • Allows users to rate embeds
  • Rating logs for all knowledge base content which can imported, exported or reset
  • Differentiate rating style and more per content type.
  • Star, Like or Thumbs rating modes upporting custom font, custom image, font awesome and dashicons icon types
  • Supports Google Rich Snippets
  • Provides fully customized rating stats
  • Allows to filter and search user ratings using multiple criteria and more
  • User rating integrity protection through IP, cookie or both

Mix and match articles to showcase specific groups

  • Use Visual Shortcode Builder to create an article collection
  • Use article attributes, groups, tags, and/or any related video or panel
  • Displayed article archives link to article pages

Easy customization through plugin settings

Knowledge Center Enterprise can be fully customized easily through plugin settings without modifying theme files.

  • Set article wall tile width
  • Set related knowledge center section titles
  • Enable or disable social networks for sharing
  • Set location of EMD Sidebar; full width, left or right
  • Set slug for panel archives and taxonomy pages
  • Perform admin related functions such as switching templating systems, adding custom CSS and more

Full documentation

Extensive documentation on the functionality of Knowledge Center Enterprise is accessible online. In addition, a glossary of terms, concepts, relationships is included in the "Glossary" tab of app settings in the admin area for further clarification. Click for Knowledge Center Enterprise Documentation.

Bring your own theme

Knowledge Center Enterprise WordPress plugin is theme agnostic. Most well-written WordPress themes can be used without making any modifications.

Translate to your own language

Knowledge Center Enterprise WordPress plugin can be translated into any language by using your favorite .po file editor. Click for Knowledge Center Enterprise Documentation.

AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2015-10-22
Last Updated2017-04-13
FIX Content text not getting displayed in single embed pages
FIX knowledge base category location is below excerpt in embed archive and taxonomy views
NEW Ability to hide author email in the author profiles located below single article content
TWEAK Changed author author first and last name to display name in the author profiles located below single article content
NEW Added featured image to single panel view
NEW Added email icon to author box with spam protection
FIX Related article images are not scaling to its container
NEW Added ability to use media library for image galleries
NEW Article author section which can enabled or disabled from plugin settings
NEW Omnisearch results are returned based on the menu order
FIX contextual coloring on some article views
FIX article sorting based on menu order not working properly in some views
NEW Added ability to sort connected article in document edit screen
FIX Disable panel collapse not working issue
FIX Minor fixes on slider responsiveness
NEW Added content type in omnisearch results displaying whether it\'s a embed, article, panel or document
NEW Added featured image and contextual coloring to predictive engine results
NEW Added disable collapse option for panels
NEW Added social share, knowledge center tag and group taxonomies to document pages
TWEAK Upgraded predictive search to omnisearch which searches articles, panels, embeds and documents
NEW Added document knowledge center tag and group taxonomy pages
NEW Added document user rating support
FIX misc fixes and improvements
REMOVE Featured and Recent article headers from globals
FIX row cascade and related articles was not working properly
NEW Added ability to change slugs for Articles, Panels, Videos and Documents
NEW Added ability to change slugs for KC groups and KC tags taxonomies
NEW Added ability to enable/disable Bootstrap framework CSS and JS files
TWEAK Improved Bulk import export on accepting auto convert for correctly formatted datetimes
FIXED video and image gallery
Library updates
Image gallery performance optimization
Added simple FAQ style panel without collapse
Improved import and export of all knowledge center components
Optimized code base for better performance
Updated associated libraries to their latest versions
Included Read more link article and panel group views
Fixed the type in featured articles view
Improved responsive typography in all views
Limited predictive search to the published articles
Fixed misc. minor defects
NEW Added fully customizable ratings module for articles
NEW Added Pinterest style Article gallery view supporting Ajax navigation
Changed Article Grid step page title to Article Column
Modified view images to use WordPress thumbnails instead of original ones.
Modified all view images to include alt tag and image dimensions for SEO and page performance
Library updates and misc fixed
Gave the require taxonomy permissions for all WP built-in roles
Initial release