Employee Spotlight Professional
WordPress Plugin
Showcase your organization highlighting individuals or groups with beautiful layouts
  • Beautiful, responsive employee profile management with 100+ unique displays
  • Power up member, staff bios with custom fields
  • Display optional 5 social links for each member
  • Profile owners can update profile pages
  • Showcase featured members or staff, new hires and upcoming birthdays on your site's sidebar
  • Customizable employee profile pages.
  • Integrated advanced CSV importer/exporter
  • Sync with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAPv3 using eMD Active Directory/LDAP plugin (sold separately)
  • Integrated Visual Shortcode Builder for unique displays

Create profiles in one place, display them everywhere

  • Create, list employee profiles in one place and display everywhere
  • Set display order of employees using drag and drop method. Once the order is set all views use it.

Many unique ways to display your team

  • Stacked view displays employee info one below the other on your WordPress page
  • Carousel View shows 4 images in a row. Hover on the image shows the social links, job title, and office location
  • Office locations and employee groups have their own views
  • Grid View displays summary bio and optional social links on the photo hover
  • Panel Grid View displays the primary address the photo hover
  • Circle Grid View; employee name links to the personal page
  • Each employee has its own page with employee detail and status
  • List view to display employee highlights in a table with a search box
  • Circle Panel View
  • New hire, featured and this week's birthdays widgets

99 ways to power up profile grids

  • 55 unique ways to display employee photos in circle grid view
  • 44 unique ways to display employee photos in square grid view
  • Each employee can have a different hover effect by setting the effect in Visual Shortcode builder
  • You can use different animation effects for departments, groups, locations etc.

Display your own list using Visual Shortcode Builder

  • Create department, groups, featured employee views and more
  • Can be used in any view layout available
  • Can be used in any page by clicking on WPAS button.
  • Use multiple filters to match the content to be displayed
 WordPress plugin - Employee SpotlightOptional Notifications For New Hires

Optional notifications for new hires

Optionally, notify all employees where there is a new hire. New hire notification emails are fully customizable. You can use CC or BCC fields in the notification emails.

Import/Export/Reset from CSV

Administrators can bulk import, export existing employee records from/to CSV files. Custom fields can also be imported or exported.

If you'd like to sync employee records with external systems, you can use the update option of importing process.

In addition, admins can reset employee records and start over again.

 WordPress plugin - Employee SpotlightImport/Export/Reset From Csv

Customize employee pages

Many customizations can be done from plugin settings without changing theme files or modifying CSS rules.

  • Enable, disable any attribute, taxonomy from the backend and/or frontend.
  • Selectively display custom fields on the frontend
  • Set the page template for employee, archive and taxonomy pages.
  • Optionally remove paged navigation from archive and/or taxonomy pages
  • Enable or disable Modified By text
  • Rename employee base slug to better match your needs
  • Rename taxonomy slugs to better match your needs

No need for admin support for profile updates

Employee and employee manager user roles are created when the plugin is activated. Each employee can access and make modifications to his or her profile when logged in; not needing help from technical staff.

In addition, employee managers can create and update all employee profiles without having admin privileges.

 WordPress plugin - Employee SpotlightNo Need For Admin Support For Profile Updates

Create and display custom fields

  • Create custom fields to extend your employee data
  • Update or delete custom fields per employee record basis
  • Unlimited number of custom fields can be created
  • Display or hide custom fields on the frontend through settings

Allow saving profiles as vCards

eMD vCard extension (sold separately) allows saving employee profiles as vCards to your local drive. vCard is a standard business card file format.

Bulk import or update employee infos from LDAP

eMD Active Directory/LDAP plugin(sold separately) allows bulk importing and/or updating employee profile information directly from Microsoft Active Directory and LDAPv3 compatible service on demand or on schedule basis.

By visually mapping LDAP fields to the Employee Directory fields including employee thumbs.

Full documentation

Extensive documentation on the functionality of Employee Spotlight Professional is accessible online. In addition, a glossary of terms, concepts, relationships is included in the "Glossary" tab of app settings in the admin area for further clarification. Click for Employee Spotlight Professional Documentation.

Bring your own theme

Employee Spotlight Professional WordPress plugin is theme agnostic. Most well-written WordPress themes can be used without making any modifications.

Translate to your own language

Employee Spotlight Professional WordPress plugin can be translated into any language by using your favorite .po file editor. Click for Employee Spotlight Professional Documentation.

AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2015-04-21
Last Updated2017-03-29
FIX employee website link not working on the profile
FIX mobile phone link not triggering tel protocol
TWEAK minor CSS rule changes displaying hover font style changes
NEW Added support for eMD Microsoft Active Directory / LDAP extension
NEW Employee fax field with fax icon
NEW Employee website field with fax icon
FIXED missing icons for phone and mobile
TWEAK Added spam-protection to all email addresses on the frontend
TWEAK Added employee photo to employee list
FIXED Single taxonomies not getting displayed properly
TWEAK modified header and footer template files to support NextGen Customization module
NEW Added a new shortcode for stacked view which can be adjusted to multiple columns
NEW Added ability to set the page templates for single, archive and every taxonomy related to Employees (left sidebar, right sidebar and full width) without modifying the theme files through plugin settings page
NEW Added ability to hide the previous and next post links and page navigation on the frontend for single, archive and taxonomy pages
NEW Added ability to enable, disable or simple hide every available visible field, taxonomy from frontend
NEW Added Tools tab in settings page with options to install missing shortcodes (pages), deleting data, deleting settings and adding custom css rules.
Fixed misc issues
Fixed search results on frontend and author archives
NEW Configured to work with EMD VCard extension
Optimized employee image processing for performance
NEW Profile images can be edited and image alt text can be set using Media library
NEW Added Animated circle grid view supporting 55 hover effects
NEW Added Animated grid view supporting 42 hover effects
NEW Added ability to set global values using Visual Shortcode Builder
NEW Added ability to disable plugin css and js files if they are conflicting or not need in the sites using Bootstrap
NEW Added ability to rename taxonomy slugs in the settings
FIX WooCommerce search results not showing up when the plugin is activated issue
NEW Added ability to change base slug in app settings page
NEW Added ability to create and update employee custom fields using CSV files
Fixed misc. defects and upgraded libraries
Change archive and taxonomy image links to single employee pages
Added ability to create and display custom fields in employee profiles
Fixed misc. defects
Fixed the issue; posts not getting displayed to visitors(not logged in) when plugin gets activated
Fixed the bug related user roles not getting updated during plugin updates
NEW Added date attribute to recent employees widget
NEW Added date attribute to Upcoming Birthday widget
NEW Added Birthday field to the admin area
NEW Added Upcoming Birthday widget
NEW Added optional new hire email notification
Fixed misc. defects
NEW Created employee user role so that employees can modify their own pages
NEW Created employee manager user role; manages taxonomies and sets author for employee profile
Converted all views with page navigation to AJAX. This will fix most permalink related issues.
Fixed the issue on Google +
Removed panel hovers and changed panel overall style to make it look better in small devices
Moved widget content to center of the available area in devices with screen sizes lower than 1281px
Small fix related to archive and taxonomy views
Small fix related to archives and single contact links
Improved responsive text in job titles and names
Fixed misc bugs
Created more consistent look and feel across all views
Fixed the navigation page css not included in the views
Fixed CSV file imports related to the photos urls
WordPress 4.3 related fixes
NEW Added drag and drop employee sorting for views and removed the employee display sequence
FIXED Small devices displaying one big picture; 3 row of pictures now
Adjusted the height of job title field in views to accommodate longer job titles. It was messing up the rows
Made employee pictures responsive so they will not overlap with the other fields in the admin backend
FIXED employee locations taxonomy not displaying in the admin menu
Fixed Circle Panel responsive layout for the devices with screen size less than 768px
Changed Circle Panel view order from descending to ascending
FIXED the issue related to photos not getting changed in the editor
NEW Changed featured data display to checked icon
NEW Added ability to remove Status tab from employee pages
NEW Added ability to remove Address tab from employee pages
NEW Added ability to remove Modified By text from employee pages
Initial release