Canned Responses Extension
WordPress Plugin
Allows to create, categorize, and utilize predetermined responses in WPAS app comments.
  • Respond to common questions or cases with predetermined responses.
  • Create and manage unlimited canned responses.
  • Categorize canned responses based on the criteria relevant to your organization.
  • Filter through canned responses for easy access to the one you need.
  • Customize your message with ticket attribute tags.
  • Faster message delivery with intuitive interface.
 WordPress plugin - Canned ResponsesEasily Manage Your Canned Responses
Easily manage your canned responses

Extensive canned response list management helps you better organize.

  • Navigate faster to find what you're looking for through advanced filters.
  • Define unlimited canned responses to better match your business model
  • Create and save predefined filters on canned response tags and categories
  • Show, hide or sort canned response list columns
  • Import from or export to CSV files and reset content; available for admins.
  • Bulk manage canned response list in one location.

The canned responses extension can be used in the plugins listed in related plugins section and WP Ticket Community edition. Filters & Columns and Operations features shown above are not available when used with WP Ticket Community edition.

Quick and customizable canned responses for better message delivery
  • A simple click inserts your response to the comment area
  • Access to all your canned responses with one click
  • Create new canned responses or edit existing ones.
  • Numbered paged navigation is available for long lists
  • Search using canned response categories or tags
  • Search titles and/or content of your canned responses using search box
  • Use tags for ticket fields in your canned responses to customize your message
AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2015-01-30
Last Updated2016-06-21
  • Fixed CSV import issue
  • V1.0.0
    • Initial Release