Campus Directory Professional
WordPress Plugin
Improve internal and external communication by offering a powerful unified information repository integrating people, publications, courses and locations
  • Allow users find information quickly by offering multi-dimensional search by people, publications, courses and locations
  • Integrate and display multiple content segments seamlessly
  • Ensure brand consistency with an online catalog that matches your organization’s website
  • Allow access to information from anywhere and any device
  • Extensive taxonomy based classification system for people, publications, courses and location
  • Extensive customization options for frontend and backend through plugin settings
  • Extend your academic catalog with unlimited, searchable custom fields
  • Integrate with external systems with advanced bulk import,export and sync functionality

Beautiful profile pages for faculty, staff and students

  • Create user and all device friendly profile pages integrating all relevant information
  • Faculty, staff and students can have their own contextually colored profile pages
  • Graduate and undergraduate students are of different types
  • Self-adjusting interface only displays information available for a particular person. For example, if there is no Bio available, Bio tab is not displayed
  • Grid, detailed grid and stacked displays are available.
  • All or selected relationship records such as advisees, publications or courses can be displayed in tabular or card format, searched locally and exported to multiple formats
  • Create and display unlimited custom fields on profile pages

Powerful, multi dimensional search like no others

  • Beautiful, responsive, customizable search by people, publications, courses and locations
  • Search not only by directory fields and taxonomies but also by relationships among people, publications, courses and locations
  • Create custom search forms by using custom fields supporting operators
  • Search using "equal", "not equal","like", "not like","begins with", "ends with" and "by word" operators
  • Allow searches in the frontend and admin area alike. In the admin area, searches can be saved to track changes
  • All or selected search results can be exported to multiple formats
  • Search within the search results
  • Enable or disable search result fields through plugin settings

Find publications with pinpoint accuracy

  • Beautiful, responsive, customizable publication pages that are designed to improve student engagement
  • Internal authors can be listed under publications linking to their profile pages
  • All or selected authors can be exported to multiple formats
  • Custom fields can be optionally displayed under Details tab
  • If publication abstract is not available, the abstract tab is not displayed
  • Publication list can be displayed in any WordPress page using its shortcode
  • Publication list shortcode can be customized to display any subset of publications
  • Matching publication pages are available for archive, taxonomy pages

Create effective student course engagement

  • Beautiful, responsive, customizable course pages
  • Instructors may play different teaching roles such as teaching assistant or main instructor
  • Each course can be taught by many instructors
  • Instructor page also displays office hours and teaching role
  • Custom fields can be optionally displayed under Details tab
  • If course details is not available, the details tab is not displayed
  • Course list can be displayed in any WordPress page using it shortcode
  • Course list shortcode can be customized to display any subset of courses and supports paged navigation
  • Uniform course pages are available for archive, taxonomy views

Display courses and residents at each location

  • Beautiful, responsive, customizable location pages
  • Display list of courses offered per location
  • Display list of residents per location
  • Residents and courses can be searched within each location page
  • All or selected courses or residents can be exported out in multiple formats
  • Custom location fields are displayed in Details tab
  • Location list shortcode can be customized to display any subset of courses and supports paged navigation
  • Location grid view for quick and easy location search
  • Uniform location pages are available for archive, taxonomy views

Designed to make customizations as easy as possible

Campus Directory Pro is designed to minimize theme related conflicts and include many powerful tools for administrators in plugin settings.

  • Set the custom base slug for single, archive and taxonomy pages
  • Set the page template for single, archive and every taxonomy related to People, Publications and Courses.
  • Hide the previous and next post links on the frontend for single, archive and taxonomy pages
  • Enable, disable or simple hide every available visible field from frontend
  • Hide or display Custom fields related to People, Publications and Courses
  • Hide, display, set form fields optional or required, set sizes for fields and more
  • Display login and/or registration forms on the frontend per form basis, if a form's access needs to be limited to registered users only.
  • Powerful tools to improve performance and minimize third party related conflicts
  • EMD Widget area is available to display any widget in the plugin pages. You can completely hide the sidebar area or set the location(left or right) in the plugin settings

Bulk import/export/sync from/to/with external systems

Administrators can import, update or export existing entries of people, publications and courses from or to CSV files.

In addition, admins can reset your entry data and start over again without touching your database. Click "Operations" button in the panel list screen after logging in as an admin user to access this feature.

If you have custom fields from your existing system, you can import them too.

 WordPress plugin - Campus DirectoryCampus Directory Pro WordPress plugin allows bulk import, export or update from/to external systems using CSV files

Create and display specific content segments easily

Visual Shortcode Builder is the ultimate shortcode builder which can help you create simple to advanced shortcodes easily.

You can display all or subset of people, publications and courses by visually creating shortcodes.

Staff can update information anytime

Campus staff custom role can be assigned to instructors and staff to update their own profile information without any help from site administrators

Campus manager role can access to all people, publication, course and location information.

 WordPress plugin - Campus DirectoryCampus Directory Pro WordPress plugin offers role based access to information

Full documentation

Extensive documentation on the functionality of Campus Directory Professional is accessible online. In addition, a glossary of terms, concepts, relationships is included in the "Glossary" tab of app settings in the admin area for further clarification. Click for Campus Directory Professional Documentation.

Bring your own theme

Campus Directory Professional WordPress plugin is theme agnostic. Most well-written WordPress themes can be used without making any modifications.

Translate to your own language

Campus Directory Professional WordPress plugin can be translated into any language by using your favorite .po file editor. Click for Campus Directory Professional Documentation.

AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2016-12-09
Last Updated2017-01-09
Fixed CSV import for related courses and requisites
NEW Added course grid, each course image linking to the individual course page
Tweak course archive page images
Added course excerpt for course archive and taxonomy pages
Initial release


Community Pro
(This plugin)
Campus Staff 
Campus Manager 


Community Pro
(This plugin)
Ability to add Person custom fields 
Ability to add Publication custom fields 
Ability to add Course custom fields 
Ability to add Location custom fields 


Community Pro
(This plugin)
Search People 
Search Publications 
Search Courses 
Location Search 


Community Pro
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Advisees to Advisor 
Support Staff to Supported Faculty 
Courses to Instructors 
Publication to Author 
Courses to Instructors with Office Hours, Teaching Role 
Courses to Instructors with Teaching Role, Office Hours Day, Office Hour Start, Office Hours End, Signup 
Office Locations to Residents with Unit Number 
Course Locations to Courses with Start Time, End time, Unit Number, Course Days 
Requisites with Type, Elective 
Related Courses 


Community Pro
(This plugin)
People List 
People Grid 
Tax Academicarea - Taxonomy View 
Tax Affiliation - Taxonomy View 
Tax Appointment - Taxonomy View 
Tax Title - Taxonomy View 
Tax Researchareas - Taxonomy View 
Tax Hprefix - Taxonomy View 
Tax Hsuffix - Taxonomy View 
Tax Location - Taxonomy View 
Tax Pcareers - Taxonomy View 
Tax Peopletag - Taxonomy View 
Single Person - Single View 
Archive Person - Archive View 
Publication List 
Tax Publication - Taxonomy View 
Tax Publicationtag - Taxonomy View 
Tax Publicationyear - Taxonomy View 
Tax Publicationvenue - Taxonomy View 
Single Publication - Single View 
Archive Publication - Archive View 
Course List 
Tax Cterms - Taxonomy View 
Tax Cunites - Taxonomy View 
Tax Ctimes - Taxonomy View 
Tax Cdays - Taxonomy View 
Tax Ccareers - Taxonomy View 
Tax Coursetag - Taxonomy View 
Single Course - Single View 
Archive Course - Archive View 
People Detail Grid 
Location Grid 
Standard Locations 
Tax Locationtag - Taxonomy View 
Single Location - Single View 
Archive Location - Archive View 


Community Pro
(This plugin)
Course Day(Course) 
Course Term(Course) 
Course Time(Course) 
Course Unit(Course) 
Directory Tag(Course) 
Directory Tag(Person) 
Appointment Type(Person) 
Academic Area(Person) 
Honorific Prefix(Person) 
Honorific Suffix(Person) 
Research Area(Person) 
Directory Tag(Publication) 
Publication Type(Publication) 
Publication Venue(Publication) 
Publication Year(Publication) 
Directory Tag(Location) 


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Recent Additions displayed at Frontend Sidebar 
Recent Publications displayed at Frontend Sidebar 
New Courses displayed at Frontend Sidebar