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Annual subscription starting from
All of our products are sold as yearly subscriptions which are automatically renewed unless cancelled during the subscription period. You will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You can cancel the auto-renewal at any time from your account, however no refunds are available within the active subscription period.
Instant product updates
All product updates are provided free of charge to active license holders. Product updates cover possible improvements, new features, possible defect fixes and more to keep your investment in working condition at all times. You can download updates manually from your account or get updates automatically through WordPress dashboard plugins pages.
1 year1 year1 year1 year
Excellent product support
Access to our product support is free. You can read product related articles, tutorials and submit a support request at our support site. Paid customers get faster, proactive support; simply login to your account before you submit a support request.
Live product demo site
Feel free to take a look the product demo site to see how certain features can be implemented. The product demo site has always the latest version of the software installed.
Extensive product documentation
We provide detailed, step by step instructions for all our products for technical and non-technical users at our documentation site.
Features & Add-Ons
Help customers help themselves 24/7 with information in one central location.
Give support on the go, works beautifully on all devices.
Increase user engagement with comments on your knowledge base content.
Keep track of user adoption, hot topics, failed searches and more on your dashboard.
Label and group your knowledge base content to make it easy for your customers to find what they need.
Customize your knowledge base to meet your needs.
Display your knowledge base content as a list of questions and answers or glossary terms.
Provide instant answers to customers as they type what they're looking for.
Set your knowledge base content order with simple drag & drop.
Understand how your knowledge base content changes with time.
Display custom groups and views of your knowledge base content using visual shortcode builder.
Help your customers find all the information they need for the answer they are searching for.
Get instant feedback from your customers with their votes on your knowledge base content.
Integrate a wide variety of sources to provide insight or to keep user attention.
Let your customers share your KB content on social media with the click of a button.
Create and display unlimited unique fields that fit your need.
Allow customers to download files.
Group and display selected articles using Documenter view.
Engage your audience through rich media embeds such as videos, images, tweets and audios.
Increase user engagement with beautiful article galleries and video walls.
Let support agents create, edit and update knowledge base content with ease.
Establish a role based knowledge base content creation workflow.
Make life simpler for your customers with featured and recent knowledge base content widgets.
Search, slice and dice KB content to find trends.
Import and sync your knowledge base content.
Best solution for your business 

Frequently Asked Questions

See the list of FAQs for Knowledge Center WordPress Plugin Pricing below. Your question not listed? We're here to help.

A knowledge base agent is a user who can create, edit, and manage knowledge base content. There is no limit on the number knowledge base content an agent can create, edit or manage.
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Yes. If your organization grows and you need to upgrade your license, you can purchase a new license anytime from my accounts page. All license upgrades are prorated.

To upgrade your license:

  1. Login your account
  2. Under Purchase History Tab, click on View licenses link
  3. Click on View Upgrades button
  4. Pick the license you want to upgrade to and click on Upgrade License link
  5. Complete the check out process
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In order to use our plugins, you must have a self-hosted WordPress site. Our software is designed and developed for businesses in mind. Although we optimize our software for performance considering limited hardware resources, cheap, shared hosting providers may not offer the performance you need. We recommend you to take a look what WordPress recommends before signing up for a hosting provider.

If you do not have a self-hosted WordPress site, we offer fully managed solutions for your business or organization for a flat monthly or yearly fee. Please contact us by opening a support ticket if you need fully managed solution.

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Yes. All our plugins work on WordPress multisite installations.
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Yes. All our plugins can be translated and localized to any language. Please check the localization section of your plugin documentation for details.

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Yes. We offer customization, development and maintenance services to optimize your investment in our products. Lets get started.

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To use one of our plugins on a WordPress multisite, you will need a license for each sub-site where you will be using it. For example:

  • If you want to use it on 5 sites in a multisite then you will need a license for 5 sites.
  • If your multisite contains 10 sites but you only want to use the plugin on 1 site, you will need a single site license.

You should enter the license key on the plugin settings page for each site where you want to use the plugin.

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Yes. All subscriptions get renewed  at a 10% discount annually. You can cancel your subscription from your account page. If you renew your license manually, 10% discount is not offered.

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Yes. We're are a full service store. To help you before and after your purchase of our products, we offer:

  • A fully functional demo site where the latest version of your plugin installed
  • Free, fully functional starter edition to test the basic plugin functions in your own site
  • Free and accessible presales support service
  • Accessible product support service (valid license required)
  • Expert support service to fix site specific issues related to third party products (check availability)
  • Turn-key software installation and configuration service (check availability)
  • Personalized, one-on-one, private demo service with admin access (select plugins only)
  • Extensive plugin documentation and plugin knowledge base
  • Live chat service for presales questions or simple directions (business hours only)
  • On-boarding service for organizations having greater than 400 employees
  • Dedicated account manager for organizations having greater than 400 employees
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Yes, your subscription can be cancelled at anytime from your account page. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to Subscriptions page
  3. You will see view invoice and cancel links under Actions column.
  4. Click on cancel link

You will retain access to support and updates until your license key expires, one year from the purchase date. Please note that once you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to the product updates and support.

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