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License Features
Annual subscription starting from
Updates1 year1 year1 year1 year
Annual Automatic Renewal Discount30%30%30%30%
Live Demo
Extensive documentation
Features & Add-Ons
A Central Staff Directory
All your employee information in one safe place at your fingertips.
Beautiful Profile Pages
Get to know your colleagues even before you meet them.
Responsive Mobile Friendly
Access employee directory information from anywhere, anytime.
Find Your Employees Faster
Allow your employees to find and engage with each other in just a few keystrokes.
Custom Fields
Create unique fields that fit your own company's culture.
Employee Milestone Widgets
Promote and share new hires, featured employees and birthdays.
Customize To Your Needs
Easily customize your directory to grow your unique organization.
Categorize and Group Employees
Label and categorize your employees.
Organization Charts To Drill Down Or Across
Easily use up to date and beautiful org charts to map employees of your company or organization.
Company Events
Shine a spotlight on company events and connect and engage your employees.
Set Manager And Direct Reports
Add reporting relationships between supervisors, managers and employees.
Add Custom Fields to Your Search Forms
Create custom search forms to better match your needs.
Self Service, Give Power To Your Employees
Give your employees ability to view and update their own information.
Instant Notifications
Keep all your employees posted on events, employee profile updates or additions.
Drag & Drop Ordering
Set your employee order with simple drag & drop.
Create Custom Lists
Create custom lists of employees or events using Visual Shortcode Builder.
Employee List Grid
Display employee records in tabular format with a powerful datagrid.
Beautiful Multiple Views
Showcase your employees in circle grid or stacked layout templates.
Tag cloud search
Search employees by a tag cloud of terms.
Empower Users
Get more out of your employees by expanding what they can do.
Smart Search and Columns Addon
Find exactly what you need with the smart multi-conditional search.
Import/Export Addon
Import and sync your employees and events.
Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP Addon
Sync your employee details from Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP.
vCard Addon
Allow to share employee contact information as vCard anytime.
Employee Journal Addon
Simplify and automate the employee performance review process.
Only 83 Cents per Employee per Month! 

Frequently Asked Questions

See the list of FAQs for Employee Directory WordPress Plugin Pricing below. Your question not listed? We're here to help.

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Employee Spotlight is for small to medium size organizations looking to showcase their employees and provide simple to use directory search. If you're looking for a employee profile management system only with limited directory search functions, Employee Spotlight is a better option. Employee Spotlight also offers more ways to display your employees than Employee Directory.

Employee Directory is a powerful company directory system which not only includes profile management, but also organization charts, extensive employee search capability and company event management system. Employee Directory is mostly used by small to large organizations looking for fully featured directory system to support internal and external communication needs. Our customers also use Employee Directory in the intranets with no access to internet.

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Yes. If your organization grows and you need to upgrade your license, you can purchase a new license anytime from my accounts page. All license upgrades are prorated.

To upgrade your license:

  1. Login your account
  2. Under Purchase History Tab, click on View licenses link
  3. Click on View Upgrades button
  4. Pick the license you want to upgrade to and click on Upgrade License link
  5. Complete the check out process
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In order to use our plugins, you must have a self-hosted WordPress site. If you do not have a self-hosted WordPress site, we offer fully managed solutions for your business or organization for a flat monthly or yearly fee. Please contact us by opening a support ticket if you need fully managed solution.
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Yes. All our plugins work on WordPress multisite installations.
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Yes. All our plugins can be translated and localized to any language. Please check the localization section of your plugin documentation for details.

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Yes. We have a fully functional demo site where the latest version of the plugin is installed. Our demo site provides you a great opportunity to see and test all the features and possibilities before you make a purchase. You will find a link to the demo site on the main product page. There is also extensive documentation for all our plugins and free support if you have any questions.
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A person or an employee counts as anyone you create a profile page for in the plugin. For example if you have 100 employees in your organization you should purchase a license supporting up to 100 employees.

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Yes. We offer discounted pricing for non-profits. Please open a support ticket and tell us about your organization.

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Yes. We offer customization, development and maintenance services to optimize your investment in our products. Lets get started.

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Yes. We offer fully managed cloud hosting for businesses around the world. Please open a support ticket to get started.

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Yes. Please fill out our private demo request form to schedule a demo with full WordPress admin dashboard access and optionally to chat with one of our team members. Checkout the plugin intro section for the link.

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Yes. All subscriptions get renewed  at a 10% discount annually. You can cancel your subscription  from your account page. If you renew your license manually, 10% discount is not offered.

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Yes, your subscription can be cancelled at anytime from your account page. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to Subscriptions page
  3. You will see view invoice and cancel links under Actions column.
  4. Click cancel link

You will retain access to support and updates until your license key expires, one year from the purchase date. Please note that once you cancel your subscription, you will lose 10% automatic subscription discount.