Plugin Installation


Software Implementations are time-consuming processes that typically trigger frustration and unrest. We offer plugin installation service to alleviate issues that may occur. Our installation specialists make sure our products functions, looks and feels like the product demo regardless of your site’s specific configuration.

What we need from you to get started

  1. Full URL of the site’s login page. For example,
  2. Administrator’s user name for the site the plugin to be installed
  3. Administrator’s password for the site the plugin to be installed
  4. Full access to the site’s wp-config.php directory through FTP.
  5. Full access to the site’s wp-content/plugins directory through FTP
  6. User name and password for FTP access
  7. Data to be installed from CSV file if you need data to be installed. You must prepare CSV file before the installation starts.
  8. A technical contact access if we need additional info or work to done on the server side
Please make sure every item above is covered so that we can complete the installation as soon as possible. Please do not forget to post this info in a private comment. We will post a separate comment on the installation service ticket detailing start and finish datetimes as well as the complete report of tasks completed.

Installation Service Terms and Conditions

  1. The installation terms and conditions listed below are in addition to our paid support policy.
  2. Units may be one of addition, modification, or deletion. For example, each addition of a custom CSS rule is considered a unit of work.
  3. Prices are per site. In a multi-site environment, you must purchase additional installation service for each site the plugin will be installed.
  4. If the service needed exceeds the package configuration purchased, you need to purchase the next available package. The additional cost must be paid to complete the work.
  5. If the work needed exceeds all available package configuration, the work stops. For additional work, plugin customization service needs to be purchased. If you choose to purchase customization service, the initial installation service cost is deducted from the customization cost.If you do not choose to purchase customization service, the work is considered completed.
  6. No refunds are available unless we identify that the installation can not be completed due to a reason from our end.
  7. Your site’s login instructions, detailed in “What we need from you to get started” section, must be provided before the service starts. Please open a support ticket after your purchase and post a private comment including login instructions.
  8. All work is done in US Eastern time.
  9. Unused units of work can not be used in another step.
  10. Our developers are not allowed to make any changes to your site other than the steps listed in the installation package.
  11. The installation service is a one-time activity and limited to the package configuration steps. It by no means includes on-going maintenance or customization of your site.
  12. We respect your time and aim to to finish the work as fast and efficiently as we can so you, as site owner, must be cooperative to our requests at all times.
  13. All work is considered completed when the installed plugin looks and functions like the demo installation at our site.
When you purchase installation service, it means you read and accepted our installation service and paid support policy terms and conditions .

Installation Package Details

You must purchase the plugin to be installed before purchasing the installation service

Service Feature Units
Plugin installation on your site
Up to 1 unit
Basic plugin settings configuration
Identifying and fixing any theme related issues
Example: If a dropdown is not getting displayed as it is shown on plugin’s demo.
Up to 5 units
Installing initial data from CSV files. It does not include relationships. It does not include creating CSV files from your existing app. If the existing CSV files are not available during the installation or not required, this task is skipped. The records to be imported can exceed 100 records per entity. We stop debugging if there are issues with data after 100 records.
Example: Loading your existing employee records to employees.
Up to 100 units
Identifying and fixing conflicts with other plugins
Up to 2 units