YouTube Showcase – Get videos instantly

Get videos instantly

YouTube Showcase makes it easy to get YouTube channel and playlist videos.

Bulk import YouTube videos on demand or scheduled basis using YouTube Showcase Pro WordPress plugin.

Bulk importing videos from YouTube saves you a lot of time from manually creating each video or making mistakes entering video information.

Some of the highlights of this feature:

  • Import from one to many YouTube channels.
  • Import from one to many YouTube playlists.
  • Set the maximum number of videos to be imported. The available options; All, 50,100,150.
  • Set the frequency of video imports. The available options are; None, Once monthly, Once weekly, Daily, Twice daily, Hourly, Twice per Hour.
  • Get insight on the number of videos imported(new) or ignored(existing) in each batch as well as last and next import date and time.
  • YouTube API key is required and available for free.

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