WP Ticket – Ticket Responses

Ticket Responses

WP Ticket allows you to streamline customer communications in a single place.

WP Ticket Enterprise and Pro editions comes with a private conversation system to resolve issues faster and to allow better tracking of progress.

Ticket response system highlights:

  • Add responses from support ticket page and ticket edit page in WordPress dashboard.
  • Responses are not mixed with WordPress post or page comments and accessed through its own menu.
  • Responses list page in WordPress dashboard.
  • Private responses can only be read by support team and ticket author. Private comments display "Lock" icon.
  • Ticket responses are color flagged based on the user's role to better locate tickets which need action from your support team.
    • Red: Customer or client commented last.
    • Blue: Support agent commented last.
    • Orange: Support manager commented last.
    • Black with cross icon: Nobody has commented yet.
  • The latest response recorded for a ticket has a light blue background and displays "Latest" badge on the left corner of the response box.

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