Shared Helpdesk Ticket Inbox

Shared Helpdesk Ticket Inbox

WP Ticket WordPress plugin lets you track and manage incoming helpdesk tickets from multiple channels with one, shared team inbox. WP Ticket shared team inbox allows helpdesk agents to handle more than one ticket at a time and improves efficiency.

WP Ticket customer support system provides a common place for managing all customer conversations. Helpdesk agents can handle customer conversations over channels like helpdesk request forms, email, phone, live chat, and social media in a single place.

Share ownership of support tickets is designed via the helpdesk agent responsibility assignment model. Each support ticket can have an assignee and multiple contributors. Support ticket assignee is a helpdesk agent who is finally responsible to solve the ticket to customer satisfaction.  Support ticket assignee works with other helpdesk agents or team members by including them as contributors to the ticket resolution process. 

WP Ticket WordPress plugin helps helpdesk agents share the details of a support ticket with other agents through private comments in order to handle the ticket faster. Using EMD Commenting System, helpdesk agents can efficiently collaborate with their other team members while solving customer questions.

Agent Collision Detection is automatic and works flawlessly in the WP Ticket team inbox.  If a helpdesk agent is working on a support ticket and another agent tries to edit the same ticket, an alert is displayed warning the second agent that someone else concurrently editing the ticket.


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