Role Based Helpdesk Access Control

Role Based Helpdesk Access Control

WP Ticket allows you to group your helpdesk agents based on their expertise, role, and responsibilities to control access to customer and issue details.

Role-based support ticket content access allows helpdesk agents to focus on the task at hand and protect your organization from unauthorized content access. It is designed to ensure only authorized support team members perform certain operations. 

WP Ticket customer support platform categorizes customer support agents into two groups; agents and managers. Each agent is assigned to either one of these groups when they register as a WordPress user.

Agents are customer service representatives. Customer service agents are responsible for addressing customer issues and resolving them in a timely and efficient manner.  Customer support representatives communicate with customers on a variety of channels such as phone, email, and social media.  Customer service agents identify customer requests and issues and make sure all valid customer concerns are handled immediately.

Customer service reps can have an assignee or a contributor role. An assignee of a support ticket is responsible for solving support issues to customer satisfaction. A support ticket can have at most one assignee. Managers can change the assignee of a support ticket anytime. 

Support ticket contributors are agents who help the assignee solve customer issues and requests. A support ticket can multiple contributors.  The assignee and contributors of a support ticket can access the details of that support ticket and respond to the customer who opened the support ticket. This setup helps you control which data can be shared among customer support agents within your helpdesk.

Managers are helpdesk supervisors. They are responsible for solving all customer support tickets.  They can access any support ticket and respond to customers with any restriction.

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