Helpdesk field level access control

Helpdesk field level access control

WP Ticket allows setting field-level permissions to edit or view helpdesk data based on the user roles, helping you run a secure customer support system.

Helpdesk data security is one of the most important features of customer support software. Helpdesk data can include sensitive business or customer information. It is essential that your helpdesk protects this information from unauthorized access.

Using the WP Ticket customer support system, you can restrict access to specific fields with a few clicks. For example, when a customer support ticket includes sensitive information like your customers' bank account details, login information, or identification numbers you can hide these fields for specific user roles. You can also give read-only access to certain fields that you don't want to be edited. 

Once you revoke access to a certain field, it is applied both in the frontend and WordPress dashboard editor. Field-based access options can additionally be set for any custom field or taxonomy created by EMD Custom Field Builder.

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