Helpdesk Departments

Helpdesk Departments

WP Ticket allows organization of support staff into one to many departments. Departments can be based on specialty, location or product or service among others.

A helpdesk department is a unit of an organization. Helpdesk departments can be defined based on your products, services, geographical locations, or teams. The organization of support agents into departments helps you increase the effectiveness and quality of ticket response as well as decrease support response and resolution times.

WP Ticket Helpdesk WordPress plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of helpdesk departments. A support ticket can be assigned to a department upon received by a workflow unit or helpdesk manager. Each helpdesk department can have its own agents, a set of automation rules, service agreements, business hours, etc. You can customize a customer support process independent of other departments with ease.

Assigning support tickets to a department

Once a ticket is created, it can be assigned to a department automatically through a workflow rule or manually by a customer support supervisor or an agent. Assigning a ticket to a department rather than an agent helps to keep all department staff in the loop.

Assigning agents to a department

You can assign support team members to a department either through the department or agent edit screen. Helpdesk team members can be assigned to multiple departments. All helpdesk agents must belong to at least one department.

Department email notifications

WP Ticket Enterprise and Pro editions come with fully customizable department notifications emails. The department notifications are sent to the catch-all department email when a new ticket is assigned to a department. All helpdesk team members who belong to that department get notified. You can turn department notifications on and off at any time.

Reporting on department performance

WP Ticket creates a page for each helpdesk department. Helpdesk department pages include a dashboard, a collection of useful metrics, and two data grid views for helpdesk agents and support tickets assigned to that department.

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