Help desk agent pages

Help desk agent pages

WP Ticket help desk software allows you to not only showcase your support team but also include a help desk agent-specific dashboard to track customer support metrics.

Help desk agent profile pages tell the story of each and every member of your support team. Support agent profile pages play an important role not only help to bring everyone together but also to form a network to get to know the skill sets of each team member.

Help Desk Agent pages include the name, photo, contact info, and profile of a support agent. Every agent must be linked to a WordPress user with the custom role of agent or manager.

You can disable, enable any field and adjust the visibility of certain fields. For example, you can show certain fields to your support team but hide them from your customer.

In addition, WP Ticket is integrated with EMD Custom Field Builder. EMD Custom Field Builder allows you to include additional, organization-specific information about your help desk agents on the Details tab of an agent profile page. 

Each help desk agent page comes with an Agent Dashboard. Agent Dashboard includes specific metrics and charts related to a support agent's workload and performance. Each metric can be measured within a certain time period that can be selected using a dropdown.

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