Group and tag support tickets

Group and tag support tickets

WP Ticket lets you organize your tickets based on service level agreement, support channel, support priority, ticket status, support topic, department, or any arbitrary tag.

Categorization of support tickets is very important for your helpdesk management. When an issue is identified, it should be classified and tagged in accordance with your business model so that proper next steps can be taken to handle the issue.

The improved categorization offers significant benefits to the support center:

  • Reporting -  get insight into your helpdesk through sorting or filtering support tickets based on tags and categories
  • Efficiently assign requests to proper team members based on the categories or tags
  • Trigger workflows based on the groupings or tags

The following categorizations can be used to classify your helpdesk tickets out of the box:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) - 1h, 6h, 24h, etc.
  • Channels - web form, email, Twitter, phone, Facebook, etc.
  • Support Priorities - low, medium, high, critical, etc.
  • Support Statuses - open, closed, reopened, etc.
  • Support Ticket Tags - any tag set by your organization.
  • Support Topics  - any topic set by your organization.

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