WP Ticket – Full Customization

Full Customization

WP Ticket offers powerful tools and options to make it better fit to your needs.

Using WP Ticket setting pages, you can make customizations without changing theme files or writing additional code.

Using the customization section of the plugin settings, you can:

  • Enable or disable any field, taxonomy or relationship from backend and/or frontend including frontend support ticket entry and search forms.
  • Limit access to frontend support ticket entry and search forms to logged-in users only or open them to everyone. Display login and/registration on demand.
  • Set plugin page templates to sidebar on left, sidebar on right or full-width without modifying your theme's template files.
  • Set the base slug for tickets, agents, priorities, SLAs, topics, statuses and tags.
  • Enable/disable page navigation in archive/taxonomy pages.

WP Ticket is designed to minimize theme related conflicts. There are many useful tools and options available for improving page load performance and producing cleaner output. Developers can also add custom CSS rules and JavaScript code to modify certain plugin functionality. This feature helps you keep your WP Ticket specific customizations without getting affected by plugin updates.

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