Event-based customer support automation

Event-based customer support automation

WP Ticket event-based workflows free up support team time by automating many common customer support tasks such as assigning tickets, adding tags, updating a status, or adding notes based on specific conditions.

WP Ticket Enterprise HelpDesk system offers event-based workflows for faster solutions and automate repetitive tasks..
WP Ticket Enterprise HelpDesk system Event-based workflows can be configured with multiple conditions and actions to support complex scenarios.

Event-based helpdesk automation reduces human errors, helps to solve common support requests efficiently, and provides consistent solutions for your customers.

WP Ticket comes integrated with EMD Triggers. EMD Triggers component allows you to create event-based workflows. Each trigger unit can be defined on a support ticket or helpdesk agent record.

EMD Triggers allow you to define business rules (trigger conditions) to be applied after a ticket or an agent record created or updated. Based on the trigger conditions, certain trigger actions are executed. You can create multiple triggers and edit a trigger if you want to modify it. If you do not need a trigger anymore, you can simply delete or deactivate it. Triggers must be activated to run. 

EMD Triggers offer a power pack for your helpdesk. You can easily specify the order of your trigger units by drag and drop. This helps you group certain triggers together to execute complex workflows. 

The followings are example use cased for event-based automation using EMD Triggers:

  • Create a trigger that looks for "refund" in the subject and/or message when a support ticket is created and assigns it to the billing department for further processing.
  •  Assign tickets to a support agent working at the marketing department with the least number of open tickets.
  • Prioritize customer requests that have words like "urgent", "emergency", etc. 
  • Assign tickets from certain companies to a helpdesk department or agent

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