Customer Support Checklist

Customer Support Checklist

Do you need to do a list of actions on a customer support ticket? WP Ticket to-do list feature lets you create and prioritize your actions so you don't loose time and get things done fast.

WP Ticket WordPress plugin - Customer Support Checklist

Using WP Ticket helpdesk do-lists, customer support agents and managers can create a list of tasks, assign them to one to many support tickets. Each to-do list task can have a priority, due date in addition to its task definition. After a support task is complete, agents simply check them off when done by clicking on a checkbox.

Helpdesk to-dos can be searched like any other helpdesk field from the WordPress dashboard and the frontend search forms.

In addition, helpdesk administrators can create customized workflows based on to-dos to send reminders on incomplete tasks, assign tasks to subject-area experts, follow-up with customers, or send customized reports on complex helpdesk tasks.

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