Canned Responses Addon

Canned Responses

Do you or your support agents get a bunch of commonly asked questions often? WP Ticket Canned Responses Addon helps you to create common reply templates, and reuse them with just a single click.

Canned Responses WordPress plugin - Canned Responses Addon

Use Canned Responses to respond to common questions on your support tickets for faster resolutions.

  • Create and manage unlimited canned responses.
  • Organize your canned responses with categories and tags unique to your organization.
  • Access to all your canned responses with one click.
  • A simple click inserts your response to the comment area.
  • Create new canned responses or edit existing ones.
  • Numbered paged navigation is available for long lists.
  • Search using canned response categories or tags.
  • Search titles and/or content of your canned responses using search box.
  • Customize your response with dynamic information such as customers name or support ticket details.

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