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Custom Fields

WP Easy Event Custom Fields allows you to create custom fields to track even the smallest details about your events.

WP Easy Events WordPress plugin comes integrated with EMD Custom Field Builder.
WP Easy Events allows adding additional information to your events using Custom Fields on the editor.
WP Easy Events WordPress plugin allows creating custom attributes or taxonomies for events, organizers, venues, sponsors, performers, or attendees.
Displaying custom attributes or taxonomies on the frontend pages is very easy using WP Easy Events WordPress plugin.

WP Easy Events WordPress plugin custom fields features allow you to collect, search, and display additional information about your events, organizers, performers and, venues. (some entities are available in the premium editions) In addition, you can use custom fields to support external processes. For example, you can export event ticket data to your accounting system or CRM.

WP Easy Events comes integrated with the EMD Custom Field Builder Addon. The EMD Custom Field Builder Addon allows you:

  • Create 50+ type of custom fields
  • Create taxonomies for predefined or ad-hoc grouping and categorization
  • Set visibility and user role access

For example, you can create an "event VIP information" field or "attendee type" taxonomy to store the details about an event. You can also make these fields visible to event staff and managers only.

Once you created your custom fields, you can use them in any submission and search form. All custom fields are displayed on the Details tab of the respective event, organizer, performer or, venue page.

It is also easy to migrate all WP Easy Events custom fields from one domain to another using the integrated Import/Export feature.

The EMD Custom Field Builder Addon can be purchased separately to be used in the starter edition and is included in the premium editions.

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