WP Easy Events – Create conference or multi-session events

Create conference or multi-session events

WP Easy Events allows setting up basic as well as complex event registrations. You can easily create multi-session events happening on different dates/times or venues. Each session can be hosted by same or different organizers, feature same or unique performers, share attendees with the main event or have their own.

WP Easy Events WordPress plugin supports multi track, multi session events and displays the sessions of a main event page.

Let's say you are tasked with a planning of a 4-day conference which will start in the first week of August. You expect to have around 500 attendees. The conference will have 6 different sessions.

You were informed that the attendees must register and purchase tickets for the main event to be able to check in. There could be additional fees for each session depending on the speaker or venue booked.

The ticket prices may also change based on the membership level. For example, Platinum members pay 40% less than gold members.

You also want attendees to be able to print or download the main event program as well as the event tickets in PDF format. In the tickets, you want to have a QR code which will used by the staff members to check in the attendees.

The scenario above can be easily created using WP Easy Events multi-session events feature.

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