WP Easy Events – Beautiful Event Calendar

Beautiful Event Calendar

WP Easy Events lets you create monthly, weekly and day to day event calendars with many options to customize.

WP Easy Events Pro WordPress plugin offers fully customizable event calendar
WP Easy Events Pro WordPress plugin allows changing event calendar look and feel
WP Easy Events Pro WordPress plugin allows 25 jQuery UI themes and custom tooltip
WP Easy Events Pro WordPress plugin allows showing and hiding event calendar search filters

A beatiful event calendar with easy setup in minutes.

  • Each event on your calendar is linked to its own event page.
  • Option to show multiple calendar views of displaying days and events:
    • Month view
    • Basic Week view
    • Basic Day view
    • Agenda Week view
    • Agenda Day view
  • Option to pick the default calendar view.
  • Event Calendar supports 24 different themes to match your site's color scheme.
  • Option to set header left, center and right of your calendar(Pro Edition only).
  • Filter events by status, category, organizers, venues, performers or featured events(Pro Edition only).
  • Fully customized event tooltips which are displayed on event link hover(Pro Edition only).
  • Option to limit the number of events displayed on a day(Pro Edition only).
  • Options to set the text,border and background color for all events on the calendar(Pro Edition only).
  • Displays the calendar in right-to-left mode. This option is useful for right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew(Pro Edition only).
  • Exclude certain days-of-the-week, change the start day of your calendar and much more(Pro Edition only).

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