WP Easy Contact – Customize Your Contact Form

Customize Your Contact Form

WP Easy Contact makes it easy for your customers to contact you with a fully customizable form matching your needs.

WP Easy Contact Professional WordPress plugin comes with powerful the EMD Form Builder. EMD Form Builder allows you to customize default forms or create new ones. 

You can display any form on the frontend of your site by copying and pasting its shortcode on a WordPress page.

The custom forms can be used to collect information from your contacts or search for the existing contact information.

To add the default and custom fields to your forms, drag and drop them to the layout area.

To remove fields, click on the red delete button of the field box after hovering on it.

In the layout area, you can change the order of the fields, create multi-column rows, make certain fields required or add help text for your fields.

If you have a text you want to display along with your form, you can create an HTML field. I will create a simple one to show you how to do it.

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