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Custom Fields

Do you need more information for your contacts and tasks? WP Easy Contact lets you add custom fields to your contacts and tasks easily.

Do you want to document extra information about your contacts? WP Easy Contact Professional WordPress plugin comes with easy to use yet powerful EMD Custom Field Builder.

EMD Custom Field Builder allows you to create fields that do not exist by default. You can use custom fields to customize existing forms or create new ones. Custom fields can also be used in EMD CSV Importer/Exporter or EMD Smart Search add-ons.

EMD Custom Field Builder can create attribute or taxonomy custom fields.

Attribute custom fields allow you to document a specific property of your contacts. Favorite food or team, eye color, or height are examples of attribute custom fields.

Taxonomy custom fields allow you to document relationships among other contacts or tasks. For example, you can create a custom taxonomy such as a marketing channel or contract type.

You can delete custom fields if you no longer need them. First, select the ones you want to delete. Click on the "Bulk action" dropdown and choose the deletion option. At that point, you can either delete the field settings or delete the field settings and data.

To learn more about what you can do with EMD Custom Field builder, visit its page.

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