Software Issue Manager – Streamlined Forms

Streamlined Forms

Software Issue Manager lets you create your own issue, project and member entry forms.

Customization of Software Issue Manager forms helps your team to be more efficient and effective. You can make forms better match your needs by including your own custom fields.

The following forms are included:

  • Issue Entry
  • Project Entry (Pro and Enterprise Editions)
  • Member Entry (Pro and Enterprise Editions)

Form customization highlights:

  • Custom fields can be used like any other form field in all forms.
  • Enable/disable any field on all entry forms.
  • Make form fields required or optional.
  • Change form field column sizes.
  • Make forms private or public by displaying/hiding registration and login forms for non-logged-in users.
  • Option to show/hide captcha.
  • Option to show captcha to only visitors and not your logged in users.
  • Display custom “thank you” and error messages when forms are submitted.
  • Add custom CSS to modify look your forms.

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