Software Issue Manager – Simple and Effective Issue Tracking

Simple and Effective Issue Tracking

Software Issue Manager helps you resolve issues faster and stay on budget.

A SIM issue can be a type of issue, bug, task, feature request or idea identified by a unique issue number.

  • Offer a robust way of identifying and documenting issues that occur during your project's life cycle.
  • Communicate issue status, category, priority, assignee and overall issue progress.
  • Enable project team to evaluate, assess impact, and decide on a plan for resolution.
  • Issues can be shared by multiple projects.

Software Issue Manager provides insight on issues by bringing together related information. The following sections are included in issue pages.

  • Affected Projects: The projects that are connected to an issue.
  • Reported By: The team members who identified and reported an issue. (Pro and Enterprise editions)
  • Related Issues: The issues that are related to an issue in terms of impact and scope. (Pro and Enterprise editions)
  • Participant: The team members who contribute to the resolution of an issue. (Pro and Enterprise editions)
  • Project Issues: Other issues that are included in the same project of an issue. (Enterprise edition only)
  • Fix Projects: The projects an issue was fixed in. (Enterprise edition only)

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