Software Issue Manager – Schedulers – Automate Time-based Tasks

Schedulers - Automate Time-based Tasks

Software Issue Manager allows you to create and manage repetitive, common project tasks.

Schedulers can be set to run every hour checking certain conditions. If the conditions are met, the actions defined in a scheduler are fired. This saves time and resources to be spent on repetitive tasks.

Here are some of the common uses for schedulers:

  • Notify members of a project when an issue has not been assigned for a certain number of hours
  • Notify a project manager or director if a critical issue remains unresolved for a certain number of days
  • Notify the assigned team member when an issue has been updated by a stake holder after a certain number of hours
  • Close issues if there is no response from a stake holder after a certain number of days
  • Escalate priority of certain issues if they are tagged as "Show stopper" and not resolved after a certain number of hours

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