Software Issue Manager – Project Members

Project Members

Software Issue Manager lets you know more about project member activities and interactions.

Project members can be a manager, member, contributor or client. Each member is mapped to a WordPress user. Member profile pages provide following sections:

  • Member photo, name, contact info, job title and address info.
  • Issues Assigned: The list of issues a member is responsible for. (Pro and Enterprise editions)
  • Reported Issues: The issues a member reported in one to many projects. (Pro and Enterprise editions)
  • Assigned Projects: The projects a member is assigned to. (Pro and Enterprise editions)
  • Issues Participated: The issues that a member contributes but not assigned to. (Pro and Enterprise editions)
  • Workgroup: The list of project members who work together with a member. (Enterpise Edition only)
  • Projects Managed: The list of projects a member is manager of. (Enterpise Edition only)

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