Software Issue Manager – Powerful Frontend Editing

Powerful Frontend Editing

Software Issue Manager allows team members to update issue, project and member profile information from the frontend of your site.

Ability to edit issue, project and member profile fields from the frontend enhances system security, productivity as well as overall system adoption.(Software Issue Manager Enterprise only).

Some of the highlights of this feature are below:

  • Team Members who are not familiar with WordPress dashboard can edit their own profile, the issues and projects they have access to with a few clicks. This feature significantly improves user adoption of Software Issue Manager.
  • WordPress administrators can pick and choose the fields which can be editable by team members, managers and directors.
  • WordPress administrators can completely block access to WordPress dashboard, enhancing the safety and security of SIM project repository.
  • Heavy processing required by WordPress dashboard is not needed by the frontend. This, in most cases, translates to faster access to SIM pages for team members, resulting in better engagement, usability, faster development cycles and documentation.

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