Request a quote – Smart Search Addon

Smart Search

Have too many requests for quotes? Request a Quote Smart Search Addon helps you to search, save frequent searches and generate reports on requests for quotes.

Some of the highlights of this addon are below:

  • Search requests for quotes using multiple criteria.
  • Create custom powerful requests for quotes reports such as:
    • Find quotation requests submitted from certain zipcodes, cities, or countries.
    • List of quotation requests matching certain terms.
    • Find quotation requests above $1000 in value for Service A and in closing stage.
    • Find quotation requests submitted from 33180 zip code and deals could not be completed.
    • Find quotation requests submitted by a certain customer matching Net 30 for service A, B and C.
  • Save frequent searches and rerun them on demand.
  • Export search results to PDF or CSV.
  • Enable columns that are important and disable the rest to better organize your list.
  • Sort requests for quotes lists by fields.
  • Create custom task reports to gain insight such as:

Make price quoting easy for your team and customers

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