Knowledge Center – Smart Search and Columns Addon

Smart Search and Columns

The Smart Search Addon for Knowledge Center helps you to filter through your knowledge base content and create reports.

Search, create reports and enable/disable columns on your knowledge base content.

  • Search using multiple criteria supporting search operators.
  • Create custom powerful reports such as:
    • Find articles per group.
    • List of Q&As matching one to many tags.
    • List of featured articles.
    • List of Q&As related to an article.
  • Save your searches that you perform regularly as custom reports.
  • Create and save dynamic filters to track what's important through time.
  • Export your search results to PDF or CSV.
  • Easily configure your Q&A, article and document lists by selecting the columns to display when viewing your entries.
  • Sort the Q&A, article and document lists by fields.

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