Knowledge Center – Make It Your Own

Make It Your Own

Knowledge Center lets you customize your knowledge base to help your customers better.

Knowledge Center can be fully customized easily through plugin settings without modifying theme files in a few clicks.Many powerful features are available:

  • Customize from plugin settings pages without changing theme files or modifying CSS rules.
  • Comes with EMD Widget area where you can display your sidebar widgets in plugin pages
  • Set FAQ(panel), article page templates to sidebar on left, sidebar on right or full-width without modifying your theme's template files.
  • Enable/disable page navigation in archive/taxonomy pages
  • Add Custom CSS and JavaScript to style your frontend pages.
  • Options to install missing shortcodes (pages), deleting data and settings.
  • Set article wall tile width
  • Set related knowledge center section titles
  • Enable or disable social networks for sharing
  • Rename knowledge base slugs to better match your needs.
  • Enable, disable all knowledge base content fields.

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