Knowledge Center – Increase agent productivity

Increase agent productivity

Knowledge Center allows support agents create, edit, publish, archive, and delete knowledge base articles.

Allowing support agents create and manage knowledge base content helps agents share the firsthand knowledge on the cases they solve. In addition, as the number of available content increases, customers can find more information on the topics they search.

Recognizing and promoting content authors encourages agents to get more involved in content production. Author boxes are a great way to recognize and promote your support agents.

Knowledge Center displays author boxes at the end of each content. Author boxes are displayed when an agent is linked to a content. Clicking on a photo or name of an author leads to the author's page. Each knowledge base content may have multiple authors.

Agent/author profile pages display contact information, bio as well as the list of content produced or contributed, categorized by the content type.

Listing the content produced or contributed by an agent on a single page helps users:

  • Find content on a subject area faster
  • Establish an author's domain expertise
  • Find related content faster
  • Contact author for more information

Users can also export all or selected content listings to multiple formats and search specific information per content type.

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