Knowledge Center – Get instant insight

Get instant insight

Knowledge Center allows you to get instant insight on how users are responding to your content with powerful dashboard and usage logs.

User adoption of your content defines success or failure of your knowledge base. To improve user adoption, it is critical to keep track of important, trending topics as well as failed searches.

Knowledge Center Enterprise comes with a powerful dashboard and visit/search logs to help you analyze various usage metrics. You can use the knowledge base usage metrics to improve your existing content or find ideas to generate new content. The dashboard is available in WordPress dashboard and can be displayed in a WordPress page using its shortcode.

Some of the highlights are below:

  • Powerful knowledgebase dashboard to keep track of:
    • Visit types: browse or search - date relative charting available
    • Visits by content types - date relative charting available
    • Search results; found, failed - date relative charting available.
    • Search counts last 4 weeks
    • Search counts current year
    • Visit counts last 4 weeks
    • Visit counts current year
    • Top Searches datagrid - data exportable to multiple formats
    • Latest failed searches datagrid - data exportable to multiple formats
    • Top articles, panels, documents, embeds - data exportable to multiple formats
  • Visit log -advanced filtering and tracking enabled
  • Search log - advanced filtering and tracking enabled
  • Ability to exclude ip addresses from searches and visits in addition to spam and bot protection

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